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Mark Tatum
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Start making those big companies that recieved "bail-out" monies (or any willing corporation) to sponsor an entire 9th grade freshman class, of an inner city school, with "College Contracts." The terms will be that if any of those students can maintain a 3.5 average all the way to 12th grade graduation, they will pay for a full scholarship. Start sending college educated celebrities, from music and sports fame, to elementary schools in the inner city to do motivational speeches. Have college educated A-list celebrities to "adopt" an inner city high school, to come once a month to do special mentoring to troubled teens. Stop sending troubled teens home for punishment. They'd rather be out and about anyway. Even if it is expulsion, make a "confinement" wing where he can't interact with others, but he still has work to do. I can go on, shall I continue...?
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Mar 16, 2010