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Markus Andersen
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"Don't be a dick, or you may be punched in it." ALMOST works.
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Totally unrelated to this post but I just had to say it: I'm re-listening to the old D&D podcasts you did with the Penny Arcade guys and I can't get over how much you sound like George Clooney. Umm... Derail over?
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Thirded. Damn, manly tears...
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I only came here to say: Damn you, Wil Wheaton, for making "Pico And Sepulveda...Pico And Sepulveda" drone on and on in my mind all through this friday, preventing me from doing any work!The only way I see to forgive you is for you to do another D&D podcast with Krahulik and Holkins. *folds arms*
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May 15, 2010