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Aaron Swartz lived the life of a Cambridge hacker and fought for higher abstract causes like freedom of information. MLK was a black preacher living in a society doing everything within its power to marginalize and exclude blacks at any cost, including torture and murder. MLK, like all blacks in the South at that time, had to confront the reality of domestic terrorism, and understood the price of standing up to it. Aaron could not, and ought not, have imagined that PDF downloading would come at the cost that it did. Even if there is some analogy here, the extrapolation from Swartz to MKL is so massive that it is absurd. I find any comparison between the two to be very troubling. The stakes were so utterly different. Comparisons between suicide and ragequitting also feel very out of scale.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2013 on The End of Ragequitting at Coding Horror
As a corollary, I switched to Google Chrome because it runs so much faster than any other browser that I've used. Speed matters!
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Performance is a Feature at Coding Horror
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Jun 20, 2011