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Dave, I see your point but I disagree. When it comes to sexual harassment, repeat offenders are given that much more scrutiny than if it is/was a one-time offense, particularly if not only each subsequent instances mirror one another, but that settlements were reached in each of the prior offenses. One is bad enough but to have two or more? No - it makes it that much harder on the accused than the accusers. But, I think you nailed it in terms of who is involved, ie: a minority. Cain strikes me as just the type who would completely ignore his own behavior in order to file suit claiming wrongful termination based on racism.
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LOL - The more Perry opens his mouth, the more I see the only thing he has going for him is his "good hair."
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Jay, Excellent post - kudos. Alleged or not, any credible organization would deem the same allegations by several individuals levied against one individual as being grounds for immediate dismissal. Five individuals each describe similar scenarios; one individual claims said scenarios are lies ... logic dictates that the majority rules ...
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Nov 10, 2011