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I just want to point out the problem with your criticism of Italy with a simple substitution: "As for [MLS], they have outrageous rules for non-[USA] players. Each team is only allowed a quota, and teams trade those spots. It's complicated and ridiculous, but understandable consider the nationalism [USA] maintains."
"If LA has a poacher who'd get on 20% of his crosses, they'd crush, " hello juan pablo angel
i have always truly hated that this stadium has more seats than they allow people to sit at. why build the seats if you aren't going to fill them? why not build extra facilities to accommodate for total capacity since they are adding those seats right now in the first place. i really do not understand the point behind adding seats you won't use.
real name above m/27 portland, or portland timbers fc usmnt ucl ccl i'd like to follow conmebol leagues more, but there isn't much available news in english.
booo!!!! I really hate this trade. Sorry Perkins, but you'll never be as popular as the man you are replacing. Portland loves Cronin.
replace him with dempsey
why can't usl-pro just become the second division? i understand some of those teams have ownership rights disputes, but why are they automatically the third division.
you forgot to mention la galaxy in that list
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Nov 1, 2010