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Martin Langeveld
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Saw this on your Vermont Woods Facebook page. It would be a gutsy move. My two cents: On the plus side, it's re-using an existing building, making it new again in a green way. And, there's a ton of traffic across the street. But on the down side: -- Those people across the way are stopping for the view, the gift shop, the nature museum. It's going to be difficult to draw them across a busy highway, and make them climb a hill, to look at furniture. -- Alternatively, you need to get people to pull into the parking lot, attracted by the furniture sign and whatever publicity you can do. That's hard, too — on Route 9 they are on their way from one place to another, not looking for a place to shop for furniture. So: I could see a restaurant in that place again, but not a furniture store. I would be looking instead at locations with a lot of foot traffic, like Wilmington (once rebuilt) or downtown Brattleboro.
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Nov 15, 2011