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Martin Lee
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Dane, I am a Southern Baptist minister in Utah and can tell you that copy and paste as an argument tool will only make you look foolish when you spread falsehood. Check your facts, read the LDS doctrine statements, examine the hearts of the people you so appear to hate. I for one stand with Mitt Romney as our next President and Commander in Chief and would quite frankly put his standing with the Lord up against many 'Christians' that I know. Stop the hate Dane. Cheers, VETSForRomney
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I really think Thealloriginal needs to come up with more original thought. Please do not say one person or another 'hates' someone else unless you have documented proof. That comment you just left spews more hate the what you claim to be hateful. Ease up and be positive, present facts, and then we can have a discussion. Thank you.
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Jul 19, 2011