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sledge...because i am so dumb regarding basketball, please explain to me step by step, how a defensive screen plays out...
ooops.. a typo: should have read "setting a screen" (is also known as a pick)
setting a scrennis also known as setting a pick. Its an offensive play, not a defensive play. I cant even picture what a defensive screen would look like? The closest thing i can envision would be a double team.
Any of you Bling Homer Kids ever heard about a thing called ZONE Defense? Didn't think so. And what's that. other than a attempt at SCREEN Defense? Morons. Posted by: Slledge | Octo ====================== What???????
ok gentlemen.. i gtg. enjoy. -anyone going to the heat vs suns on tuesday? i just got tickets.
My observation about he is not only a good general defender, is he is a good help defender,,,things that wont show up in stats. The way he positions himself, way ahead of time, to help impede guys who take it to the rack, and keep them shooting jumpers.
Joel shouldn't be on the floor at the end Posted by: The Watcher ( I see full retards ) | Octobe --------------------- my point is that he has more length (harder to shoot over him) and can block shots better than UD.
what to watch out for against pacers??
and when the opposing team has a weak backup 5,,haslem could very well play the backup 5 as well as the backup 4. haslem could very well be one of the better backups in the NBA.. goes from wrost starting 4, to a very good backup 4 and 5.
im not sure to close out games, that instead of haslem at the 4, it shouldnt be a tandem of jermaine and joel anthony... your thoughts??
ira still believes that wade is concerned about beasleys lack of defense.
heat play at indiana tomorow, where they have a horrible record at consceco. indiana not as bad as knicks..
i like the magic to win it all this year. They have something to prove.
When's your reality check appointment? Posted by: Chris | October 29, 2009 at 08: ======================== your head still spinning from last nights 2 NY teams losing badly?
if wade does indeed have others help with scoring..his personal numbers could go down a bit. and if wades sidekick is "too good"..would wade perhaps, be a bit jealous??? (if the limelight is shared??) ======================== thought you guys would like to see what the cleveland cavs bloggers are saying. (no love for Shaq and his 20 million salary. lol)
For years, it all has been about "culture" with the Heat. Now, talent has trumped the franchise's catchword. ======================== Who says that beasley isnt learning about heat culture?
BTW, has ira gone to a much easier format for him to blog in between games, i.e. just posts his "ask ira" column? Its been twice in a row of such format.
Lets face reality guys. While a win ovewr the knicks is always satisfying, these are not the knicks of the 80's and 90's, but rather the knicks played as if they are 80 or 90. -lets see how heat fare vs the bulls on sunday, and phoenix on tuesday, before we rush to claiming a title.
"I'm sure there are going to be times I'm out there and will say, 'Get Udonis in and sit Michael down.' " =================== as well as being times when he might say "Get Beasley in and sit UD down. I need a scorer"
on another note, Melo is an MVP candidate this season. I called it. Posted by: GodsSon521 | Oct ==================== Got it.. i wrote that down, just below billys 55 wins.
ok.. not much more to say, without being redundant.. before heat fans are claiming the ECF, please keep in mind this was vs the knicks.. a step above a d-league team. They will be tanking by december.
Billy... quit the caffeine and mood elevators.. ok? said last post about 3 times now.. said last post about 3 times now..