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Mary Katherine Smith
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I'm puzzled--if it was a free concert, why was the mother needing to "buy" a ticket?
Considering the very first Twitter account that I followed when I joined Twitter in August 2009 was @GaryAllan, I find this sudden "he's joined Twitter" news rather amusing now! He doesn't always do the Tweeting himself but sometimes he does.
Too bad you're not flying in at least a day earlier for Gary Allan's Fan Club Party! Word of experience here--avoid downtown Nashville before and after the awards that night, it gets crazy hectic. Unless you thrive on that stuff or plan on interviewing attendees of the show for your blog. Maybe we will get to meet in person while in Nashville?
Did you miss the Vanderbilt alumni magazine that picture came from a few weeks back, Shannon? It was a good read. And like you, I do a little happy dance to see any Gary news...I'm glad he's not the subject of gossip journalism but sure love to see his name mentioned.
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Aug 30, 2011