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Mary Lee Hahn
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"Part of me thinks the reason these experiments spark so much joy and wonder is that in an era where 10 year-olds are expected to learn and synthesize scientific processes that most adults can't articulate well, playing with sand and water is just good old-fashioned fun." Me, too.
I'm about a half a month behind you in this arc. Hoping all goes as well in DWE222 as we dive into theme. If you don't mind, would you send me your "big list o themes" so I can cross-check mine with yours? Tnx.
From your fourth reader -- great post! Well said.
You are a versatile blogger!
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2011 on Crunchy Granola at atychiphobia
Just ladies? Or Ladies and Gentlemen?
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2011 on 2011 Logos at Cybils
Love the Crunchy Granola reminder to keep reading workshop organic! (am borrowing)
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2011 on Crunchy Granola at atychiphobia
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Jul 20, 2011