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Wow, I always dreamed of going there myself one day! I use Internet Archive daily, especially for genealogy purposes, so many websites were created about family trees ten years ago and most of them are "all gone" (from google and bing of course) but they existed, and the information they contain as well! I have a question : when I was in library school, we had a full-week class on web archiving, digital archives and preservation of hardware (disk drives, diskettes, etc). We heard of a museum of "hardware" in the US, where they keep, restore and preserve old computers, OS, software and diskettes (aka that report your secretary mom typed using Word Perfect 3.1 back in the days) is it tied to the Internet Archive program? Went through my old school notes this morning and can't find it anywhere... I think it was in Texas. is now following The Typepad Team
Apr 4, 2012