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lance from the bronx: it says nobody but your actual post will have the correct handle in the thread.
Much as I like Dwight Howard, if we get a decent shooter and pg, the bigs we currently have won't have to work as hard because the defense will have to play honest. We get someone who can light it up from anywhere beyond the 20-25ft mark, all of a sudden, Gasol and Bynum aren't facing double teams anymore. So with all that in mind, Pau for CP3 and Mbenga and a bag of chips would go over well with me as CP3 can light it up from the outside or drive and kick, plus play some D.
Get it done LA and Minnie. Gasol, goodbye and I won't say good riddance because you were a value to us when you weren't soft (or hid your softness better). And should this trade really happen, I hope you don't cry for too long as your feelings will undoubtedly be hurt like the crybaby you are.
What is it with this blog? It's a cycle. Every two to three weeks, something blows up. We get peace for a stretch and then someone mouths off in a way someone else doesn't like. And lately, it's about childish $#!t, not even basketball. If it was about basketball, I wouldn't even (actually don't) mind because folks are passionate and vocal (and a little bit crazy) when it comes to their favorite teams. Even when the trolls come out. Just words and an opinion to me. We should be fairly lucky that we love the Lakers and not say, the Timberwolves or Cleveland. See, since the Lakers are winners, the trolls shut up when they're winning (or in the case of the Cheat fans, the trolls shut up when their Lord of No Rings chokes and loses it for her team). And even when the Lakers are down (which the trolls come out in full force), it's never down and out for long. My point? Let's all act like adults and leave words as exactly that--words. Harmless.
LTLF: Well said. If anyone has learned the lesson of looking before you leap, it's Kobe. I don't think his silence proves a damn thing except that he's not going to comment on it untill he feels comfortable enough with the situation to do so. There are a lot of variables going on right now, from the lockout to roster/coach, so him saying one thing (which as you mentioned, WILL be taken out of context) could come back to bite him on the rear end should any one of those scenarios change. And then what? He reverses his opinion and then he's a liar. So Kobe, get your time of rest with family in and whatever else you're up to in th eoffseason, train hard, and be ready to go like ya always do. If Mike Brown knows you're cool with him, that's all I care about.
What Bynum were you guys watching? The Bynum I saw was balling his heart out with him and LO running plays together in that last Mavs game. Phil goes and takes them both out and neither one wants to come out. Understandably given how they were playing. But since Phil was hellbent on Gasol coming back in (despite Pau's inefficiency throughout the series), he takes LO out, Gasol comes in, sucked hard and we all went home. I don't know. On the one hand, I can see the whole knee issue, I do. But then on the flip side, Bynum in beast mode is nearly unstoppable. I don't buy that Tyson Chandler was owning Bynum due to the Mavs being able to collapse on 'Drew which was due to our horrid lack of outside shooting. Similarly, I didn't see Tyson Chandler go off on Bynum either. Everyone hails D Howard as the savior at center. Dwight is gifted athletically, no doubt, but skill-wise, he's not a huge upgrade. I mean, he STILL has problems making/creating his own shot (which is why he complains so much about being fed). So really, the only reason everyone is pushing for a trade is because of the knees.
@ LTLF: lol. The verbal gymnastics the announcer would have to go through to call the game when they're both on the court would be legendary. Lebron, for his own good, needs to wake up and realize he's being Hammerized. MC Hammer went through the same crap he's going thru, 'cept Lebron is in basketball, not music. Lebron has a bunch of people who are his yes men/hanger-ons who are just leeching off of him. If he's not careful, he's going to end up like Hammer, broke from trying to take care of too many people who really didn't care about him at all and alone when the well dries up. As far as his disappearance in the 4th quarter, he should take a note from Sam Perkins and apply something to cool his nerves. ;)
Pblasa: Yeah, I feel the same way. I don't care what his suppossed shortcomings are, I was on board with Mike Brown from the get go for exactly the reason you listed. I mean, the man had his team 1st in D for one year, close to it the previous one, all while amassing best record in the league once or twice, made three conference finals appearances and went to the Finals once, all with LeBrick and a bag of chips (and given how Quitness choked yet again in the finals, you start to wonder was it really the Cavs that wasn't manning up or was it LeChoke?). I can only imagine how Mike must be licking his considerable chops with all the possibilities he has available to him because clearly he has more options and depth here than any team he had in Cleveland. Plus, I like that he's fired up to be here, has a plan (by all accounts extremely motivated and prepared, outline and all) to run with. Let's get next season started already!
Funny the real difference between Kobe and LebRun. You know Kobe will force the issue... He's going down swinging, win or lose. LBJ ??? How more ordinary can you get when it's on the line??? He became an ordinary point guard. The Chosen One? The King? howabout The Woeful One, The Pretender Posted by: Troll Man | June 13, 2011 at 12:04 AM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's what I find most disturbing about Game 6. I thought it would've been closer or at the very least, as you so sweetly put it, go down swinging. But I mean, judging from body language, The Heat quit right after half-time. You would've thought Lebron would've went down firing away and at least try. I forget which sports writer said it, but Lebron didn't want to do what Kobe is willing to do in any and all games, which is to take the heat for firing away (missing or not) and try to get your squad back in the game. Kobe takes all the "ballhog" criticisms as pure noise to be blocked out. And hopefully people finally understand, THAT'S why Kobe is still the greatest today because he has heart, skill and determination. He never would've went out like Lebron did. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LTLF ****It's funny - I never remember DWade acting like a D-bag before he hooked up with LeBJ**** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can ya say bad influence?
Congrats. Even tho' the Mavs stomped us, they earned it. Played hard and ran their game. The game was over at halftime, you could tell in their body language the Heat had given up. Quitness is in full effect! lol. Also, Eddie House should just call himself E... ...because he has no D!
No struggle with me: Mavs, in a heartbeat. Even tho' they beat us (well, we beat ourselves more than they actually took it but I digress), I've always had a soft spot for Dirk and have always wanted him to get a ring (and now that we're out of the picture, I can root for him =) ). Plus, Dirk is playing like this is his last chance so I'd like to see that all rewarded. I hate that over-rated Tyson Chandler will get major press should he get a ring, but he can get exposed as the fraud he is when we come back next year. The Heat winning it all will change too many things culturally. Because even tho' Wade has literally carried the Heat, Lebron will be crowned King, which makes no sense. That and a new era will be "proclaimed". See, if Dirk wins a ring, the status quo stays the same. Lebron getting a ring means he's arrived and his very silly self given nickname will become an "era". And all the bandwagon Lebron lovers will ignore how bad he's choked in the Finals and spin it into "his limited play was for the best of the team." So, if it wasn't for Lebron, I could deal with Wade getting his second. Bosh is whatever to me.
CyberCosmiX: Man, you're so on point in your posts and---wait, what the heck? Hobbitmage, that's awesome! Score one and a half for the little guy. BofA has deserved that and worst over the years for their shady business practices. Nice to know they couldn't duck their screw up and was actually held accountable for once. Okay, just had to comment on that...back to basketball. But yeah, CyberCosmiX, Wade has always been my pick over LBJ. Wade laces em up and lets his actions do the talking while LBJ talks about what he wants to do. That really is the crux of it. Hard to believe this guy held the entire league ransom last summer and teams were killing themselves to get him. And the silly media (and esp. BSPN) has pumped the guy up so much that now they have to make excuses for him when he pulls a no-show so they don't look stupid for proclaiming him King. I honestly think tho' that he may have permanently damaged his confidence and won't ever fully get it back. The more he fails, the more it proves that all the bs that's written about him is exactly that: bs. And the harder he tries to prove otherwise, the more the dagger gets pushed in. As far as the video, I'd love to see that. Put it on Youtube and enjoy the inane comments that undoubtedly will come ignoring the facts that Lebron is seriously choking and go in circles trying to prove he's not. Always a good laugh. Wade really is LBJ's boy tho' I guess because he really could throw LeBrick under a bus right now if he wanted to. Shame too since I'm sure Wade thought he was getting the help he needed yet here he is again, dragging a ton of dead weight in the playoffs.
@Island Priest:The man is a hybrid of jordan and magic no doubt about it and is the world's best player. Posted by: Island Priest | June 06, 2011 at 04:38 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LBJ is supertalented and it is fair to say he's a hybrid of Magic and Jordan. However... If we're counting out Kobe in this conversation then best player in the league would go to Wade, NOT Lebron. Why, you say? Let me count the ways. Wade is unquestionably a better leader, stronger mentally, better closer, just as athletic and has a wider skill set than Lebron. I'd even go so far as to say five years from now (when both of their legs might be a little slower/less athletic) Wade will still be ballin' using his skills/game while Lebron will be less effective because (so far) he hasn't developed the type of game needed to be still dangerous when he can't rely on his athletics.
Ever since Mike Brown became head coach I started thinking of all the quick guys that we lost due to them not being a good fit for the triangle and/or Phil not wanting to play them. Jordan Farmar was at the top of that list. I really wouldn't mind Farmar back. He's quick, not afraid to take it to the basket and can shoot. He's not a turnover machine and can play some D on the quicker guards. And while he did leave for supposedly greener pastures, I wouldn't want to play backup to DFish either if I played like him. Plus, from what I remember, he was one of the few that actually will pass the ball to Bynum/inside (Sasha was the one who couldn't pass to save his life). For that matter, we could free up almost 8 mill for a point guard or shooter if friggin Fisher and Luke would just retire already. Luke clearly isn't able to play anymore and Derek can move to assistant coach if he's such a steadying factor in the locker room.
It's funny to me that people say Bynum is unreliable yet who pulled a disappearing act during the playoffs? Gasol. To me (Bynum's health issues or not) Gasol is the more unreliable of the two. You never know when Gasol is going to go soft on us. And you think he had a hard time this year when he got called out by Perkins and Amare and everyone tested their theory about his manhood, they're really going to come after him now that he folded up when attacked during that last stretch of the season and throughout the playoffs. He plays aggressive "when it's needed" (his words, not mine). Um, it's always needed ya sissy. If Pau does stay, at least Coach Brown will take that retarded idea of Drew primarily being the defensive stopper as it made Gasol even more lazier on D than he already is. Telling Bynum to focus on D only is a waste of good offensive skill that he does possess. I understand that there's only one ball between Kobe, Gasol, and 'Drew, but I mean, if Bynum's man can't stop him, then dangit, ride that wave until they shut him down. That's the other thing I look forward to Mike Brown coaching. At the very least, he'll use ALL of our pieces/options/weapons.
I'm with LakerTom on this. They should trade Pau for Ariza and Chris. I'd make that trade in a heartbeat. We'd undoubtedly be faster while maintaining our length with LO and Bynum. Not to mention we get two shooters since both Paul and Ariza can score. Gasol is never going to learn. He's going to play with the Spanish team over the summer after supposedly being gassed/tired. Yet, you have the strength to play over the summer? Please. Someone get this ego-head off of our team. He'll never learn good D (nor want to play it) and he'll never get his base.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!! 20-1 run. Priceless. The Mavs (CHandler and Dampier) need to rebound if the Mavs are going to take the series.
Wow, some pretty heated anti-Shaq comments. I guess people's memories really are that short. I mean, the guy gave us (with Kobe or Kobe with Shaq, whichever floats your boat) three championship titles and four finals appearances in five seasons. How can you not hang his jersey? I hate that he underachieved as much as the next person (not to mention being petty after he left here) but that would be wrong to not hang his jersey. I will say that a statue is little much given that The Captain still hasn't got one. But jersey number retired? Absolutely.
It's funny how Jerry wears that looks and makes it work while Jim just looks like he slept in his clothes. lol.
As an add-on, too bad Jordan Farmar had not been patient for one more year as he would've done a lot better with what Brown has in mind for the Lakers. Ariza also would've really benefitted from this more fastbreak approach.
I'm stoked. No more triangle, the bigs have a bigger role in the offense (as its well past time and should have been all along), attack the clock (meaning a more fast-paced/fastbreak offense and more time to use our various weapons), tailoring the offense to the players and not the other way around, 15 angry men (so the whole team will play in some compacity, not the same 8 guys while the rest languishes/wasted), everyone is held accountable (better be true) and lastly actually calling timeouts was all the things I want to hear from my new coach. I'm not going to bring up his plans on D because his previous teams stats speaks for him in that area. Actually, I do have one mention about that. I like that it sounds like they're going to try to lock out the paint altogether and get rid of the funneling the guards to the bigs, which is typical D, but the Lakers didn't run with that before now. You theoretically should never want the opposing guard that far into the lane because, as Brown mentioned, too many options for outlet passes and such, plus the potential foul trouble you're putting your bigs into. One thing that concerns me: I didn't notice at the time but did when I read the recap...Has Coach Brown talked to LO? Of all the major Lakers mentioned, I don't remember him saying he's talked to him. Please tell me they're not trading LO. Even for a decent to good point guard and shooter, I'd prefer to keep him. I'd much prefer to trade Gasol for what's needed than LO. Again, I hate to keep being on Gasol's case but I just don't like pampering and with Gasol, it just seems we'd constantly have to work to keep him motivated.
Anybody know if the coach's introduction is going to be televised? And if so, what channel?
In a way, tho', I wonder what Blake would do in a system not named triangle? I mean, he didn't suck like this in Portland so could it just be the triangle that was hindering him/messing him up? I'd like to see him get another shot under Brown. I'd support a Pau for either Chris Paul or Deron Williams trade as someone mentioned a few posts back. Not because of Pau's dismal playoff play (well, a little bit) but mainly due to his heart. Guy has zero heart. And I'd prefer not to have someone we'd constantly have to light a fire under to get him motivated and/or play defense. I mean the guy basically left the interior D entirely up to Andrew and focused on what he cares about himself (which is scoring), to which this is entirely the coach's fault for splitting them that way. No one should be telling Drew not to shoot (especially when he's at a 50% clip at times, Kobe). Lessee, what else? (I haven't been able to post since the new system was brought in so I have a lot of backlog posting to sort' glad to be back) As currently configured, if we can just add a shooter to spread the floor (like a knock 'em dead shooter, Peja or Ray Allen style) and maybe a hustle-type center for back-up, I'd be okay with the roster as is. I still say we beat ourselves more than anyone beat us. Hopefully, the Mavs giving us the smackdown this last year will knock all of these distractions out of our guys heads and play some ball like that 17-1 run.
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