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Steven Rubio
Berkeley, CA
If I could describe myself in one sentence, I wouldn't need a blog.
Interests: san francisco giants, bruce springsteen, pink, teevee, sleater-kinney
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The 1931 movie isn't worthless. I just doubt we'd care if it wasn't for the novel and Bogart version having already gotten our attention.
I find a coffin much more comfortable than a bed. Continue reading
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And we bid you goodnight. Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Steven Rubio's Online Life
What happens with me is, I'll be bored one day and have time on my hands, and so I'll start some project that boils down to data entry. When I'm done, I'll have a bunch of movie ratings, for example. Then I just keep it up in real time. The only real effort is that first day. And I have a few sites with my data, because they allow for import/export with IMDB. The three sites are the IMDB, which is the basis for everything else, MovieLens, which for some forgotten reason I decided did a good job of predicting my tastes, and I Check Movies, so I can say that I've seen 35% of Hitchcock's features. (Looking at that now, I see that Suspicion, Marnie, and Frenzy aren't on my IMDB list ... I saw them in the days before I rated movies, so they are on the "I've Seen It" list on I Check Movies, but not in the data I used for this post. IOW, I've actually seen 19 Hitchcock movies.) Meanwhile, I've seen 3 Fassbinders, and the directors who come in at 8 (just below what I talk about in the post) are Altman, Apted, Cukor, Curtiz, Frears, Polanski, and Tarantino.
Good catch, my fellow obsessive!
A couple of oddities I just noticed: There are (at least) two "mistakes" for Spielberg. One, for some reason I hadn't rated Hook on the IMDB. I gave it 4/10, which would bring his average down a bit. Also, the IMDB didn't tag him for Poltergeist (6/10), which would also bring his average down. But that does mean there are actually 19-and-counting Spielberg movies. As for his rating, I've given four of his movies 10/10, and put Close Encounters on that Fave 50 list of a few years back. The Coens get a decent rating because I rarely hate their movies. If I had to pick a surprise for them, it would be Hail Caesar, which I liked quite a bit.
Well, in that case, I admit, Palance is pretty awful in Big Knife. His performances were, let's just say, variable. But he's great in Attack!, and he's his hammy self in a couple of made-for-TV movies in the early 70s where he plays Dracula, and Jekyll and Hyde.
Man, this comment is full of great stuff! Nick Dennis ... va va VOOOM! I never knew he was gay. Nick Adams, sure, but Nick Dennis ... that is cool. But I have to take issue with your calling the great Jack Palance as an awful actor. One of my faves!
That's interesting what you say about "after the fact". I think it was Kael who said we all take a great interest in what we just missed ... like college kids in the 60s obsessing over Bogart. I was born in '53, but in many ways that means the 50s are after the fact for me ... I only have a couple of memories from then (one of Willie McCovey, another of Elvis). I wrote my senior thesis on the 50s ... well, teenage culture in the 50s, because I wanted to write about Elvis. The only time I specifically chose a 50s movie for a class, it was a class based on that thesis, and I showed Blackboard Jungle. The kisses in that movie, if there were any and I don't remember, wouldn't have been the first clip I'd show :-). For iconic 50s romance, how about any time Sal Mineo looks at James Dean in Rebel?
I suppose this is Taylor's greatest acting job. While I think she indulged in too much scenery chewing later in her career, she never came across as anything other than a professional, which is one reason I prefer her to Monroe, whose acting never quite worked for me. Yes, her career would make a good basis for a class! Karina Longworth does a podcast I enjoy, "You Must Remember This". She did an episode on Taylor and Clift (35 minutes):
You know you should be glad. Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2017 at Steven Rubio's Online Life
You can count on Johnnie To. Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2017 at Steven Rubio's Online Life
I was confusing. I'm not interviewing, just seeing him interviewed. I agree about his consistency. If he has never made a complete classic, I nonetheless always know I can watch one of his movies and it will be good.
There's only two things in this world that a 'real man' needs: a cup of coffee and a good smoke. Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2017 at Steven Rubio's Online Life
Hi Steve, always glad to see you here! Perhaps one day, Kwok will be known as the aging Johnny Hallyday of China. What is Johnnie To's reputation in HK? Going to see him next week ... I assume he'll be interviewed through a translator, I've never seen him speak English on YouTube.
My whole life was like a picture of a sunny day. Continue reading
Posted Jul 28, 2017 at Steven Rubio's Online Life
I don't get the appeal of fishing. Continue reading
Posted Jul 26, 2017 at Steven Rubio's Online Life
I google this blog to see if I had ever written anything about John McCain. I only found two examples. Here's the first, from 2004: In the second, aptly titled "fucking dickheads, john mccain edition", from 2008, I added, "McCain... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2017 at Steven Rubio's Online Life