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Steven Rubio
Berkeley, CA
If I could describe myself in one sentence, I wouldn't need a blog.
Interests: san francisco giants, bruce springsteen, pink, teevee, sleater-kinney
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I showed that video more than once in classes. Predated The Cosby Show by a couple of years, but both of them were examples of popular culture that crossed all barriers. May never happen again, certainly not in television, since Cosby Show was at the tail end of the period when there were only a few options for viewing ... even the most popular shows of today can't touch the audience size of Cosby.
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That second paragraph could be Forsyth's Wikipedia entry, it's so accurate.
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It's funny you mention music ... I didn't say anything about it because I didn't have anything to say (not that I am usually quiet at such moments), but the soundtrack to Local Hero, by Mark Knopfler, is highly regarded by fans of the Hall of Fame band Dire Straits. Things I never thought I'd say: "Hall of Fame band Dire Straits".
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It's weird ... and privileged ... we can talk about this with relative objectivity because there's something to be discussed. That is, somehow she ended up with more money than I'd ever expected. We live in a crappy neighborhood, in a house that was built after the 1906 earthquake, and outside of eating out a billion times a week, there's nothing particularly extravagant about how we live. But that's all a smokescreen. It's like I used to say about Berkeley ... well, I'd still say it, but I never knew if it was true or I just made it up. For as long as I remember, Berkeley has been split between the people living in the hills (the haves) and the people living in the flats (the have-nots). And Berkeley's politics have been left-leaning forever, as well. So there's an area of Berkeley, over by the Albany border, where a lot of the streets are named after counties. Many of the houses there are magnificent. But if you lived in one of them, you could tell people you lived in the flats, thus aligning yourself with the have-nots, even though you had plenty.
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Chrissie has done better than most at remaining interesting in her later years. Nothing tops the first three albums, and at some point, "Pretenders" is just shorthand for "Chrissie Hynde", but there are worse albums by 65-year-old rockers than Alone. And she/they would be immortal even if they'd broken up after half the band died in 1982.
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Oh yes. Just listening to him talk nowadays is amazing.
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I used to let you wear all my clothes. Continue reading
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When the Giants come to town, it's "Bye, Bye, Baby". Continue reading
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I'll throw Carlito's Way on my request list.
It remains the only time in my life I can say "I was there when". Not exactly true ... he had three albums by that time, and had just appeared on SNL. But it's as close as I ever got ... even when we first saw Bruce in 1975, he'd already had his famous "Time and Newsweek" moment. For bragging rights, if not for the CV, I usually mention that I once shook hands with Muddy Waters.
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We gave a party once, would have been '79 or' 80. I pulled out the B-52's first album, intending to play "Dance This Mess Around". A party goer stopped me, told me I was making a mistake, and recommended "52 Girls". Afterwards, I realized she was right.
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I'm gonna miss having you on my tail. Continue reading
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