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Matthew Cherry
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Come to think on it, wouldn't The Thing do better as the better Horror/Sci-Fi? It has less sci-fi elements than Alien, after all, and could just as easily not involve sci-fi at all and be just as horrifying. The fact that the Thing is an alien is really just a convenient tool for the plot--it could just as easily be an ancient being and work. Part o what makes Alien work is the close confines of a spaceship. Then again, either story would work in either scenery...I feel a story coming on. To the writing station!
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That's even better than I was thinking...which is why you make the big bucks, and I'm just a schmuck on the Internet. lol
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Sorry if that seems discombobulated, but it can be hard to be coherent with a eight-month-old fighting sleep on your chest. lol
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I liked the prequel, and I think it would be an awesome movie for anyone who can accept it for what it is--a movie from a different age. Personally, I prefer the psychological horror of the first over the BOO! horror that is popular now, and nothing can top Rob Bottin's Things, but they did a nice job. The only thing that really bothered me was the suicide homage. That seemed really forced while the others worked so well. Also, on a different note, it's easy how to rank The Thing and Alien: The Thing is the best Sci-Fi/Horror movie set on Earth, Alien the best set in space/on another planet. Everyone's happy!
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Oct 17, 2011