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Being a cancer survivor who has had massive doses of radiation to the head (12 years ago when procedures were less safe than today), I just called my radiation onc to see if there is a danger. In the meantime, I'll be declining that scanner to get the pat down. If I hear anything interesting from my doctor, I'll post here. (oh, I fly every week)
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Awesome stuff, Wil! You seem to be a fan of short/flash fic. Here's a little one of mine an ezine published 2 years ago. Since you are an actor, I figured it would hit close to home :) Free and enjoy!
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2011 on HUNTER is here. at WWdN: In Exile
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I have some epub / ebook tips & tricks here (free): The info is offered for free as I'm not trying to sell a self-pub DIY book or anything, just feeding the revolution. Lulu can be a bitch with ePub (if you decide to go that route), and my Lulu-angled ePub notes are linked from that main doc. I've tried feeding a "normal" ePub thru Lulu's mangler and cannot find success... I had to follow the exact process I outline in the linked post. Of course, someone else offered to do it for free for you - the path of least resistance is always nice to have as an option! :) Good luck!
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Feb 10, 2011