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Matthew Cuba
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To quote the sage, "I can't go for that." "no" "no can do" ahem. My to-do lists (and yes, I have 3) are: 1. Google calendar for things I don't need to remember right now. I just need to remember them down the road and I'll send myself a reminder so that I do them (dentist appointment, etc.) Non-work things go here. Appointments go here. 2. The big whiteboard on my wall where anyone on my team or I can write down something that needs to get done by me at some point but not right now. If it's on the board, it's going to get done but isn't priority 1. 3. A single sheet of paper on my desk where today's train of thought goes. I get interrupted throughout the day. Stuff comes up. Each day I write down today's tasks and mark though them as I've finished them. No pressure... no feeling that I'm a failure if I haven't finished them all yet... I'm not racing, I'm developing solutions to problems. This frees my brain to think about solutions, not try to memorize what's next. Then I'm not "out of touch". Yeah.. Hall & Oates... you make my dreams come true. ;-) .
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