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Matthew Glinski
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No toolset comes even remotely close to what php was actually designed to do: generate HTML from simple data structures. That is the key point that everyone seems to miss in these PHP SUXORZ debates. If you are trying to write an image processing/manipulation library from scratch in PHP, you are doing it wrong. If you are trying to implement a new database engine from scratch in PHP, you are doing it wrong. If you are trying to ANYTHING in php besides manage user input from http requests, load stored data, and generate HTML from that data, you are doing it wrong. It might be a cool experiment to build a distributed map reduce engine in PHP, but there are many reasons it's a bad idea, mainly that you don't end up generating HTML directly from a completed map reduce job. I do think that auditing the consistency of some of the more archaic functions/APIs is a good idea. I personally hate having to lookup which comes first in a explode() or a strstr() if I brain fart for some weird reason, but I don't blame php because I am the one who forgot the order after using it over 1000 times. PHP plays nice with every almost every system available, I have never seen issues with other programs or tool sets not being able to run because php is installed in a box. It's time to become better programmers and pick the right tool for the task, not the "job". If you get over the fact there is not a superior programming language for all things you need to do then you will start to get the right picture. Then you begin to understand that you need to broaden your porgramming horizons and constantly learn new things and new tools. Then you start heading to a point where you can weave the best tools together to create functional art where everyone else didn't even bother to look because, well, PHP LOL!! TL;DR: PHP will continue to not give a shit about "becoming a better language", and everyone else can continue to mock it from their sky castles and unicorns. I will still use it to generate awesome HTML with minimal fuss and almost never worry about deployment issues.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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Jun 29, 2012