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Sorry, I just don't see it. Looking at the pdf from 2006, there's only an .83 correlation between generic vote and actual vote. And then there's only a .93 correlation between actual vote and seats taken. That's what, a .77 correlation from generic vote to seats taken as a base? There has to be a better indicator than that.
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Some points from a Cavs fan: 1. The Diesel Without Brakes is actually Shaq's land-eating jog back to be on defense. 2. Lebron didn't make the pre-game speech, Shaq did. 3. I'm a little tired of hearing all the whining by Chicago fans about the refs. To listen to them, you'd think the Cavs had 40 free throws. They actually had 18- including deliberate fouls like Miller wrapping up Lebron. That's only 7 more than the Bulls. I'm sure there were lots of fouls not called for the Bulls, but there were lots of fouls not called for the Cavs, either. This reffing crew actually is famous for that- they don't call fouls, and they're quick on techs for people who complain about it. They've given Cleveland trouble in the past, especially when we've played Indiana, whose main defense seems to be 'hack everybody'. 4. You talk about stopping Lebron, but he only got 24 points last game. That is about as much as you can hope for. You need to stop Shaq, Jamison, and Mo. I don't think you have anybody who can stop them, especially Shaq. Shaq goes against Z every practice, and Z's actually a lot stronger than he looks. Do you realy think that Brad Miller can slow down Shaq? And if you're hoping that fatigue will stop Shaq, well, there's two days rest after game 2 and 2 days rest after game 3. He'll be in game shape before the end of the series. 5. This was your chance. Cleveland's one of the best teams in the league on shooting 3s, and they couldn't hit one to save their lives. Shaq discovered that the Slim Fast Diet doesn't make you in game shape. West and Moon had bad games, and if they do that again, well, we have Daniel Gibson and Jawad Williams to take their place. Could the Bulls do better? Sure. Will the Cavs do better? You'd better believe it. 6. Gonna be a bit rude here, but your only real hope of extending this series past 5 games left with Ben Gordon and Tyrus Thomas. You took the scrappy team last year and got rid of two of your best playoff players. And there's nothing wrong with that- you can now pick up a good free agent in the offseason, you got some good kids who aren't quite ready for prime time, you'll be a force in a couple of years, heck, maybe even next year. But this year, you'll be lucky to force a game 5. My point isn't that this is hopeless. It's, well, don't blame Vinny or the players for this. Personnel-wise, Cleveland is stacked. Vinny changing things up or Deng or Hinrich playing a little differently isn't going to suddenly make you equal. I look at the talent on the Bulls, and I still can't figure out how they finished ahead of Philly, to name one team. Chicago's been playing out of its mind, and the Sum has been far more than its parts. Chicago deserves serious credit for getting this far. A far worse Cleveland team destroyed a far better Atlanta team last year. You should be proud of your team doing what it did in a rebuilding year. You shouldn't rip your team for losing to the best in the league (in terms of regular season wins). You guys did good.
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Apr 19, 2010