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I don't understand why we are getting excited over three star prospect. At Alabama, three star prospects have to walk-on. We'll never be what we once were.
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It will takes years to scrub all the Ireland $hit off this toilet.
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What a bunch of jackasses
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Stellar and hard earned reputation? Good name? Before the Wells report, no one had even heard of him. And it's not like the Dolphins were notoriously stronger than other teams (often looked weak at end of games or season). This guy is delusional. Bog off already.
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Tannehill is an average QB. He can start, but he's not going to win a lot of games for you. You need a monster offensive line and a great running game for him to succeed. In a league of 32 starting QBs he's about 16th best. Not a franchise QB. He's more like Matt Cassell or Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's a converted Tight End who had lackluster numbers at A&M and was only drafted because his college coach was hired as OC (since fired).
Can't stand the stupid Ireland apologists on here. He's average. He's missed on more players than he's hit on. The coaches are average too. Completely inefficient at managing the team's intensity and at making in game adjustments. This team is average. Oh yeah, Tannehill plays like he could have been drafted with the 208th pick, instead of the 8th. Watch Ireland get even another extension.
Typical Dolphins. Win one, and create false hope for all the many with poor memories. Dolphins are 5-5. This is the best we can hope for. .500 We still lose games at home to losing teams, and on the road to winless teams. We are average, unspectacular, as we have been for the last 6 years. We've had more than enough time to build a contender, instead we wade around in the deep end, never able to reach higher than arm's length. The worse thing about this win? It prolongs change. Change, the only thing that intelligent fans can hope for. In 26 games, Coach Philbin and Ryan Tannehill have shown very little to give me any excitement for the future. Like Ireland, they are learning on the job. Never actually qualified to assume the roles that they have been given. Yet here we go again. The best we can hope for is to go 2-4 the rest of the way (only two wins against the Jets - I'm still a fan) and fire the architect Jeff Ireland, who is better suited for building 2 inch scale dog houses out of Legos. If we fire Joe Philbin for fostering a dysfunctional environment in the locker room, and creating a situation where we no longer have the services of two of our best offensive linemen. Mostly I want him fired because the only thing less consistent than his team from week to week, well wait, I'm stumped, I'm not sure there is anything less consistent than this team. I can say that they are consistent in one way. They are just good enough to keep from earning a difference maker spot in the draft every year. Not that it matters. They would find a way to flub the pick as they do almost every year. But hey we won a game, let's all overreact and buy our tickets to the Super Bowl.
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It's nice to know that racism and bigotry is alive and well. The price we pay for letting stupid people breed.
Anyone notice how poorly thrown the first and second down passes were on the final drive. Both did not even reach the receiver. Then third down was an overthrow. I have not seen anything special about Tannehill except maybe he's quite good at turnovers. This team is a joke. No future. I can't even get excited over high draft picks because we draft losers. What a difference maker Jordan is. I feel like boxing up all my Dolphin gear, dropping a deuce in it, and mailing it to Mr Ross.
How many Super Bowl winners led the league in sacks allowed? How many ranked 25th in total offense while ranking 26th in total defense? Nice job Ireland.
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Offensive line just another example that Ireland is clueless. How many more years will we have to endure this torture?
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Strodium glad you're happy with 3-1. Unfortunately Super Bowl is played in February, not October dumba$$.
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The real culprit is Ireland. This is his $hit stew. Of course he just got an extension, so 10 more years no Super Bowl. WHOOPEDEDOO
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All I know is that the Miami Dolphins as a product are just horrible. I have not seen a single game in two years that has made me proud to be a fan. I feel like taking a cinder block to Dan Henning's windshield. Years of losing has bored me to this team. The Steelers are laughing. They got outplayed and still won. Dolphins are just a joke.
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Apr 20, 2010