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Matthew Wilding
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Kind of a bonehead move on his part. That was some terrible officiating, though.
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Oh... ha ha ha ha... let's endanger a guy's health and well-being by tossing projectiles at him simply because he wasn't as productive as we'd like him to be. I don't mean to correct you, and this is a total dick move on the philly writer's part, but the reason they want to throw batteries at him isn't because he's not productive, it's because he refused to sign with Philly when he was first drafted.
I like how this guy thinks that the Magic have an advantage over the Heat, despite the Magic being the only good team in the Eastern Conference that the Heat seem to be able to beat. Way to go, journalism.
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I think I'm going to go to this. I'm a 2 year lurker on RedsArmy, and just signed in. I'm also a relatively new Celtics fan. Lifetime Knicks fan who lost interest in basketball at about 17. 10 year later, Kevin Garnett made me like watching ball again. This site is great. I like it.
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Feb 28, 2011