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Awesome. Welcome to the party. Exhibit hall alone is worth the trip. True Dungeon is a must. They've had a cool puzzle hunt for several years now, but you could spend half the con working on that. Our group happens to have an extra True Dungeon ticket. Yours if you need it. You won't regret going to this Con.
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Hold on a minute. I think saying that "the Democrats" sold out on this issue really misrepresents the facts. Yes, they have the majority. But, the fact is that the vast majority of Democrats voted against the bill. The just didn't keep everyone in line. In the House, less than 18% of Democrats voted for this bill (Senate was more like 1/3). So, I don't think it's quite fair to blame "the Democrats" as if they're some monolithic entity.
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Vavu, you could teach a course entitled, "Using the Straw Man and other logical fallacies".
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"My point is that it is time to forget Bush and come up with ways to deal with the world after him." That's nice. Unfortunately for you, Bush is still President. It is NOT time to forget him, and it will never be so until he ceases being a barrier to a real solution. As for the public's low approval ratings for Congress, I attribute that to the fact that people felt like they voted for a policy change in Iraq in the midterms, but didn't get one. But, the truth is, the reason we didn't get a real policy change is because Bush still has the veto pen. So, I really fail to see why it is time to look past Bush. Check back with me in 18 months. And, frankly, most of the people I hear saying that we should look past him are simply people who want to vote Republican in '08 and are afraid of the albatross that Bush represents around their necks.
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Talk about a straw man! The only one saying "Bush is Hitler", is *you*. Yes, there are terrorists who want to hurt us. We all know this. But, that does not automatically mean that anything our government does in the name of combating these terrorists is prudent, effective or even well-intentioned. This president's approval is at historic or near-historic lows. And, it is not because 3/4 of the American public is part of the "Bush is Hitler" hit parade.
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Hmm...Tina Yothers. Ok, I'll ask the question everyone is wondering about... did you hit that?
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Now, if they could just start airing some episodes! 13 a year, or whatever it is, is NOT ENOUGH...
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Not to be an ass, but I believe that's spelled "eave", rather than "eve".
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Top Ten is excellent. However, I want to reinforce what Mahlookma said: Astro City, by Kurt Busiek, is a MUST READ. Finally, another book much like Top Ten is "Powers" by Brian Michael Bendis. It's about a police department that is responsible for investigating the deaths of superheroes. Very good.
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