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Matthias Simons
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Ah, Düsseldorf! Love the City, my Grandmother lived there. When I was a teenager, we lived in a small village in southern Germany, and when we went to Düsseldorf once or twice a year, this was the only place I could get my geek needs satisfied. Thinking of this, isn't it great to live in the future? Some recommendations, if I may? First, for drinking beer: Zum Uerige, Berger Straße 1 - probably what everybody would recommend. Very good beer, atmosphere very typical for a brewery they have in this part of Germany (Rheinland). Don't be bothered by the brusque attitude of the waiters ("Köbes"), they are supposed to behave this way - take it with humour. But beware! If you order a beer, they will continue to serve the next one if you empty your glass without being asked - this is custom here. You have to actively ask them to stop. If you only plan to eat a little, I recommend taking a "Röggelchen mit Mett", a bun with butter and "Mett", raw spiced meat with raw onions. Otherwise, everything on the menu is great if you like simple but tasty. Alternatively: Schumacher, Oststraße 123 (my favorite) - basically the same as the Zum Uerige, but less tourists. Everything said there applies. I also like the beer better, and I think they have more space. Sightseeing: The whole "Altstadt" is very nice, a big pedestrian area full of pubs and restaurants (sometimes called "die längste Theke der Welt", the longest bar in the world). Shopping: The "Kö", short for "Königsallee" is quite nice, especially for people with enough money... I think somebody above mentioned it, Düsseldorf also has the largest Japanese community in Germany. It is now some years since I was there, probably somebody else can give you more recommendations?
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Apr 27, 2011