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Matthixson added a favorite at Katie Delahaye Paine's Measurement Blog
Jan 9, 2012
Very well said. I believe what we see today is not what will last. It was a first attempt using poor methods to try and understand what is happening on social. There are ways to start to measure relationships and interactions on the social web but they require more people building products that understand social science just as much or more as they understand engineering.
I think you're right - it is a combination of the two models. I would use the first model for initial planning and strategy. The second model would be more ongoing, going back to the first model periodically to adjust the strategy as needed. The other part I was thinking about this is that you would probably have multiple strategies from the initial assessment. One focused on strategic relationships and the other more broadly focused. Nice post.
In the shower. The real problem is that my memory sucks so I only remember about half of what I thought about. I need a waterproof whiteboard in there. :)
Thanks for the post. Your information is always great and helpful. It seems like you need a strategy before you can start talking organizational planning. Different strategies are going to require different orgs. The other are of interest for me is the influencer section. People always refer to that person but the other players are just as important. Who are the people that amplify the message but are not really influencers? You may care about very different people in the network based on your strategy. If you want to spread you message you may care about the amplifiers as opposed to if you want to create action you want to build relationships with the influencers. I love the idea with starting with listening and then mapping the network. Thanks for the post.
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Jul 2, 2010