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Safety Warning: Be very careful with your carboy if it is glass. Google carboy accidents if you want examples of what they do people when they shatter while being held. I'd suggest getting a brew hauler carboy carrier (~$15) and try to avoid moving if you can. I wouldn't let it touch anything stone or concrete - you know how if you set a glass vase on a granite countertop just wrong and it shatters? Imagine that with 5 gallons of beer and thick glass in your hands. *shiver* Advice - depending on your recipe (any over 1.050 or so) I'd double the yeast. That's where the beer is really made and you'll have better results with more yeast. Especially when using extract, the proper yeast amount fermenting at the proper temp is the biggest contributor to quality of the beer. If you want to know how much yeast you should be using, try this calc out: Podcasts - check out the brewing network. I learned a lot from the Jamil show. He wrote a book about classic styles and did a podcast per style. Great fun to learn what goes into making all the different kinds of beer. Enjoy it - its a blast. Don't sweat the goofs. Even a terrible brew day yields drinkable beer. The details just make it better. Can't wait to hear how it goes.
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Jul 11, 2011