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Fulfilling the obligations of a contract is most definitely NOT a moral issue, or an issue of how "manly" one is. Contracts state agreements of consideration from both sides in exchange. They are always renegotiated, altered, and even broached with regularity, both in sports and in every other field. Obviously if one party to a contract announces that they have no intention to continue under current contract conditions, the other party is not required to fulfill their part of the deal, either, and in some cases can recover damages, if there are any. This isn't a blood pact, it's business.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2012 on Reports: Dempsey fined by Fulham at Soccer By Ives
This doesn't make sense. NYRB "only" has Cooper & Henry, so they needed a third good striker, but Vancouver has one hot rookie, so that's all they need. Wow. Either the Whitecaps are idiots or LeToux is really good at making GM's want to offload him on the cheap.
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Jul 13, 2012