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Matt Selvidge
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Wil, First off, I am a huge fan, and seeing things like this is the reason why. You actually think and reason when you talk about issues that effect people, and I respect you for that. It is always nice to see someone from the media industry acknowledge that torrents are not all bad. I always use the analogy that torrents are like email. About 80% of all email these days is spam, but you shouldn't make internet providers start blocking all email and making it illegal just because some people abuse it. Torrents may have been made popular by illegal downloads but they have become something so much more now. Some companies are starting to realize this, Blizzard and other computer game manufacturers have used torrents for downloading and updating their games for a long time. I hope your message makes people stop to think about the difference between the technology and the people using it.
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May 14, 2012