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He played really well in college, so there is that. Also unless you are a big fast forward peter vermes isn't going to give you a whole lot of time on the field as a rookie. It takes a while to develop and solidify your position on Vermes squad. You have to have the engine and the mind to play in his midfield.
Wasn't Nowak the coach during the time of the incident?
Also this is a very important note *NFL Sunday Ticket is only on DirectTV, and has been fo years. Why is this important? Because almost every sports bar in america has switched to DirectTV so that they could get the NFL season on TV. It is going to be alot easier than you think to see these games. You are just going to have to step out of your house to do so.
What the highlight reel failed to show was on the first goal the ref stopped play so that a crew player who was down could be attended to. There was no fair play on that one instead of kicking the ball to the keeper or out of bounds it was played in.
The lack of shots on goals isn't a new thing, KC hasn't given up a shot on goal in 3 games.
As far as expansion goes the league shouldn't be done with the midwest yet. Proximity to currnet teams should play a larger factor The way I see it should ne done in three phases and adding 5 teams. The first two should be Phase 1 St. Louis 3 hours from KC and Chicago Nashville 4 hours from St. Louis, 5 from Chicago(Nashville is also the gateway to the south) Phase 2 Milwuakee 10 hours from KC, 2 from Chicago 5 from Columbus Phase 3 Oklahoma City 4 hours from KC, 5 from St. Louis, 3 from Dallas Twin Cities, 7 hours from KC 3 from Milwuakee ,7 from Chicago
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May 26, 2011