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They are definitely going to make Branyan an offer, its only a matter of time. By the way who knows if we can even trust these undisclosed soucres of yours. ESPN's Jason Stark and other sources have reported that the Marlins did make a contract offer. So something's gotta give here! Either the Marlins have already made an offer or they are preparing to make an offer.It would not make any sense for the Marlins not to make an offer since they are obviously interested and he will come relatively cheap. Not to mention that he has no other offers and he has no other options, which is very astonishing! This signing will be a great steal for the Marlins!
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Wow im so excited I cant wait to see Andy Richar in a Marlins uniform! This was the big splash I have been waiting for! Thank you Jeffrey dueschbag Loria im so happy that you can afford minor league contracts! Im sure Danny Richar is a good player based on the scouting report. The word on the street is that he can get on base, has a good fielding percentage, and he works the counts. Im not taking anything away from his abilities and Im not disrespecting him by any stretch of the imagination. I am criticizing the Marlins cheap ownership and I will continue to criticize the owenership until Mr. Cheapskate sells the team. Every time Mr. Cheapskate opens up his wallet he probably only finds confederate bills. Beinfest and Hill have done a remarkable job with developing our farm system and by making very smart and savy moves. This signing pretty much gurantees that Uggla will be traded.
Ok Marlins how do you guys expect to improve the bullpen when your not willing to spend any money on improving the pen? Does that make any sense? What do you mean there is no money? Are the Marlins planning on having a 15,000 payroll? Oh im sorry the Marlins spent all of their money making a big splash on the great Andy Richar signing how could I possibly forget?! The Marlins operate like a minor league organization, playing in the majors!
It is such an annoying time of year to be a Marlins fan. So we cant afford to sign Matt Capps and Aroldis Chapman wants a big contract. Year after year Marlin fans are forced to watch other teams spend more money than us and we are forced to watch other teams make all of the mvoes. I have a question for Marlins ownership. What do you do with the revenue sharing money and with the money from the tv contract? Jeffrey the cheapskate dipshit Loria needs to sell the team, and every true Marlin fan out there must demand it!
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Dec 23, 2009