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Samuel, 1 button on the Face of the device. But the magic of the way that the iPhone (and most technology) works is that if you mis-click, just do it again. If you're on a PC and try to click on something and miss, you just IMMEDIATELY attempt again, right? Why is this any different with a button on a device? I sometimes try to double-click to pull up the multi-tasking bar so I can mess with my music from within another app, but sometimes I only single click. No biggie, just immediately double click, fix my music, then pop back into what I was doing. My only gripe is that maybe I want to change how *MY* home button works. It's my phone, let me make double clicking the home button skip to the next track or open my camera app. Now *that* would be awesome.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2012 on The One Button Mystique at Coding Horror
As a long time Giz commenter, I didn't have the choice to use Facebook or Twitter to comment back when I started reading Giz. You can't blame anyone for being limited by the technology of their times.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on The Dirty Truth About Web Passwords at Coding Horror
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Dec 14, 2010