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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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Maybe half a dozen in the past year, usually dealing with the animal-rights nuts who want to send Packy away from the only home he's ever known, and the generalized Metro idiocy related to their efforts to "run" something they're clueless about.
They still ain't going hiking; they're urban animals. As for the stove, fuggadaboudit - a guy in Portland came up with a cooler that not only charges your phone, it's got a built-in sound system.
It surprised me as well, Sam - even more so that the second piece made it into print as well. On the other hand, given the firestorm of comments they've generated on the website, the folks back in New York are certain to be pleased, and Duin's continued tenure there all but assured.
I could add one, Sam, though I don't write about them all that often. I just found myself wondering if they'd face more scrutiny in regard to their ongoing frog project now that the species is actually being listed. Their track record is singularly unimpressive where the frogs are concerned.
What can you say about a channel that gives race-baiter Not-So-Sharpton a platform? Nothing good.
My understanding is that it's not the purchase price, but the registration that bites. OTOH, it probably hurts him a lot less than it would you or me.
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Musta missed it.
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I think that's what his "date" said, a few years back when he was here in Portland and wanted her to "release his inner chakra". That's when he got the "crazed sex poodle" moniker after her account of his advances became public. Tipper split from him shortly thereafter (and imagine the torture she had to go through - God only knows how much eye bleach she used over the years).
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I don't think you can develop land enough to discourage coyotes, Inno - they'll just take up residence under your porch. Lot like possums in that regard, but smart enough to not become roadkill. Frankly, I don't mind the yipping coyotes; there's some living just down the hill from me - I've seen a pair trotting up the middle of the road like they own the place, And the hipsters next door have given up on letting their precious kitties run free, they're down to one cat now, and they do't let it outta the house! If Sam's right, they'll probably install taxpayer-funded recharging stations (solar powered, of course) for the mobility scooters - the Rascals™!
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Sullivan, Sam - Ed Sullivan. I've been wondering about the application of ADA in this context as well, but I believe that in most cases it applies solely to the built environment - giving the professional preservationists a free pass.
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Chris Matthews hasn't commented about that tingly feeling in his leg lately, though.
He lived in Oregon for most of his life, but moved to somewhere in Vancouver a few years back. Not sure how much of a savings that'd be, although for sure utilities are lower than in Portland.
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And they were generally used as the situation became more desperate.
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It'd be nice to actually get something for the money.
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That went all 404. ISIS, or NSA?
At least he's aware of the fact that they have a big freaking mess - unlike Barry.
It's amusing as heck! They just come unglued. But I do wish Larson would stay out of Oregon politics, since he doesn't live here - I can't think of a single measure or candidate he's ever endorsed that didn't go down in flames. It's almost the kiss of death.
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Yes, I was reading the other day Ian, that much of the California bud's going to Colorado and Washington; presumably because the prices there - now that it's legal and taxed to death - are way higher than in states where it's still illegal. Makes sense, as if you're taking the risk anyway, best to maximize the profits. As for "medical pot", although I've not really dug into the situation, I believe that here it's less expensive than "legal pot" across the river, and roughly on par with street prices for oxy and other drugs.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Pot Laws Linked To Drug Deaths at MaxRedline
He said in his best Leonard Nimoy voice... ;-). I was taken by the statistics, and that's the best explanation I can come up with; a few grams of pot - which is far more potent these days than it was back in the 60s - is about on par with oxy, as near as I can tell, in terms of price. And they don't have to deal with the fed paperwork. So maybe they do that route instead, and so never actually get addicted.
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We can only dream. Pretty sneaky move on his part; the ad was on tonight's news (no mention of the campaign angle, natch).
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I imagine that Ellen's got her hands full at the moment, seeking some way to avoid being caught up in the Oracle meat-grinder.
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A pass or ticket is absolutely required to board a Tri-Met bus, although light rail has always been the "honor system" since it first opened in 1988. In view of the fact that there have been relatively few "honorable" riders over the years, Tri-Met has approximately doubled the number of fare inspectors during the past two years, although I have no idea what the numbers break out to. Between 1988 and 2012, I never even saw a fare inspector, let alone was ever asked to provide proof of payment when riding on MAX. On the other hand, I didn't ride regularly. Two million dollars for two bike-parking areas strikes me as more than a little excessive.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on $2 Million Bike Parking at MaxRedline
Even worse, the cars can't evade potholes. We've got some in our neighborhood that are so big that you find mallards paddling around in them after a few days of rain.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Take Me For A Ride In Your Car-Car at MaxRedline
These guys don't even know what a budget is.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Portland Pratfalls Persist at MaxRedline
I'd be really worried if I was a member of their HMO - no telling what might happen if they started to run short on cadavers.