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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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Oh, I really enjoyed some of the material I ran across involving their (warranted) national hero. He seems like a pretty humble guy who took care of business when it needed being taken care of. And then there's this rapidly-developing third-world area, where the supposed "leader" dares not utter the t-word (might adversely affect his golf game).
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As a general rule, I despise public employee unions. This is but one reason why: those dorks are hosing retirees; working in concert with corrupt management to do so. Yeah, their "brothers and sisters".
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Tabasco's way better than syrup, simply due to the capsaicin - screw up and rub your eyes, and it's an instant learning session. It's been kind of amusing to read about how California's building the nation's first high-speed rail line - since it isn't happening and is going nowhere even if it ever gets built. Meanwhile, Texas is actually doing it (and without tax dollars). Is Moonbeam giving speeches in Spanish yet?
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If I recall correctly, officers opened the trunk of their squad car, observed no suspects, and then departed for more pressing business. Seattle, much like San Francisco, is becoming a very striated social zone: there are a bunch of techies with more money than sense (hence the BMW) and a lot of people with more sense than money.
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Which is precisely why I expect this to not only go to appellate, but to be eventually overturned, ZZ. Of course, if you don't have the money to keep fighting, why, YOU LOSE.
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Oh, yes, and that's the connection which should be obvious, but which so many miss completely. Remember when "the dole" was something to be shunned? It's why we no longer have paper food stamps; EBT cards give people a measure of "dignity" - however unwarranted.
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I missed that completely, ZZ, but we appear to have shared a philosophical commonality. I'm Number Nine - and the only survivor. And oddly, the only one who approached it with humor rather than fear.
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In some cases, "inceredibly" seems to apply. This would be one of those.
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I generally keep a running approximate tally in my head as well, TD, but at checkout it's so often easy to get distracted (the lady with the screaming kids, etc.) that we forget to keep an eye on the screen. In this case, it really paid off! I do hate to bother others by holding up the line - but on the other hand, it seems like a pretty silly policy to have everything stop while a manager gets involved over what's clearly a data error.
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I know nothing - Nothing!
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I'll go with hypocrite, but we'll have to agree to disagree on the rest of it, Al.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Why Is He Still Using Oxygen? at MaxRedline
As you know, I'm not big on unions - especially in the public sector - but this outrages even me! If I recall correctly, operators - unlike managers - are considered "essential staff", meaning they show up no matter what. And then, having worked under those conditions for years, they get hosed in retirement.
Line stolen from early Gallagher....
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While they close their eyes, obviously, it's true that they don't blink in the same sense as humans and other primates do, ZZ. I (perhaps wrongfully) attribute the disparities to the greater importance that eye contact plays in the mediation of communication among primates.
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There's a reason why Jesse the race-baiter went to Dallas.
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I just really liked the Oval Office re-design.
Yikes - that's some serious digging there, ZZ! It's been decades since I ran across that term. And yes, the science was re-settled. For now.
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Our politicians disagree with that view - which, come to think of it, is why they're politicians and not scientists.
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WTF? Wait a're saying that binding contracts can be retroactively amended? That, my friend, is absolute baloney! What's needed is a class-action suit, because there's no way that the little guys can win unless they band together. Yes, I hate unions. So this isn't an argument in favor of them. Matter of fact, the freaking union just tossed everyone under the light rail train.
Marijuana is already legal in Oregon if you get a (wink, wink) "card". It's been decriminalized since the 1970s. We need to see what plays out in Washington and Colorado before going full-bore crazy here. Now, I'm not going to lie and tell you that I "experimented" with marijuana and other illegal drugs back in the 1960s. I did not. I was into full-scale research. Given the results of the Emerald Triangle operations, I think we need to wait and observe.
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Sorry, he vowed to uphold our laws, and then decided he could pick and choose. The dork supports "physician-assisted suicide", but has a problem with euthanizing murderers. So he just won't do that. If you support one but not the other, there's a term for that: hypocrite.
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I've never had any desire to get a tattoo, let alone some of the other stuff. My Bride and daughter both have holes in their ear-lobes for for ear-rings. At least they're small ones.
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She makes for a great 404. Come to think of it, so does Retread.
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