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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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I think she's now up to $215,000 in unreported income since landing her gig as First Squeeze. But Retread loves her, and that's all that counts.
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I'm still waiting for the "arts tax" issue to be resolved, TD. Not that it matters much, as we're leaving Multnomah County and Porkland. One of the interesting features of the "arts tax" is in the wording: if you consider Portland your home, you have to pay. But since we do all of our transactions in Washington County, we clearly don't consider Porkland our home. So we won't be paying, regardless of how it pans out in appellate court. In any case, we're getting the heck out of here.
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I suspect that he actually does agree, MS - but in a knee-jerk reaction, goes for anybody with a (D) next to their name. He's been pretty critical of Porkland policies - just not critical enough to vote them out of orifice.
Toggle Commented 9 hours ago on Over The Transom at MaxRedline
They're not nullified; they vote.
He was just starting his biz at the time; I believe he was still working out of his garage. Hence the primitive design and low price.
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I couldn't resist the youtube link, TD. :-) Unlike wolves, coyotes have managed to integrate reasonably well into urban environments - at present, there are several hundred of them living on the streets of Chicago, and there aren't nearly as many wooded greenspaces as here (they do have a much greater number of abandoned buildings, though).
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I just try to stay on top of things, TD. The unfortunate loss of her husband cemented where she was trending. In other news, we're hoping to put this place on the market, come June. Thanks to Multnomah County voters, we were $700 short on escrow, and our mortgage payments will increase by $1200 a year as a result. Much as we like the place and the location, we've had enough of the stupidity - the Washington County line's just a block and a half away, and they seem a lot saner.
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You're not at all far off there, ZZ - they actually do have sensors on the bottoms of the bins, and you're expected to throw out only a certain amount (not too much, nor too little). It's weird over there; they can also enter "your" property at any time for such important purposes as measuring the height of your hedge (too high? That's "anti-social behaviour"). That neutrino detection system should be pretty cool when the arrays are all up and running. As for melting snow: it only works well using freshly-fallen snow, otherwise it's pretty nasty.
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Yes, the headline should probably have read: FORMER government employee. The moles over at NGA do like to avoid the sunlight, don't they? Heck, I'd never heard of them until this came up.
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Tim owes me a commission, dammit! ;-) Nice things about their Surge line: tool-locks, and they reversed the design from their original multitool, so you have a "handle" that's easier on the hand. Of course, the original, at $17 with leather belt-case, was a pretty good deal; mine are still working well, when needed. Glad you're happy with yours! It'll out-last both of us!
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The coyotes aren't the problem, TD - in my view, it's up to cat enthusiasts to keep their hairballs safely indoors. Coyotes have devolved over time from hunting large prey (coyotes recovered from La Brea show that they were considerably larger than today's version) to going after mice, rats, and other small prey - which includes cats. On the other hand, you might want to ask your friend if she's certain that coyotes are involved. Does she live near a Chinese restaurant?
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That's his whole "business model" - run tons of ads, draw the rubes in,turn 'em over, repeat. I figured he's got to be bad, so he doesn't allow comments on his website for a reason.
I recommend calling ahead first!
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Allergies must suck. My wife has them, and takes some sort of prescription meds. Seems to help too that I had a high-efficiency air filter installed this month.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Ask Your Doctor at MaxRedline
Nope, just common sense, TD. If you ever end up with a cat, do him/her and yourselves a favor: keep it indoors. Your cat will live a lot longer, although local coyotes will be disappointed. ;-)
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Why You Keep Cats Indoors at MaxRedline
We happen to live within a mile of a Thriftway and a Freddie's - depending on whether you go north or south. I actually don't go to Thriftway often, but I do read through their ads. Thriftway isn't very thrifty, really, but every now and then they have a really decent deal. In this case, they had a big ad for choice sirloin at $5.99 a pound, but in the fine print, they noted that they had prime at a bit less for two days. Whoa! I picked up some on Saturday but they were out by Sunday, so I did the rain-check thing. On Saturday, it had been in stock on the meat shelves, but not today - if you had a rain-check, the butcher had it and would cut it up for you. So I have six pounds waiting to be further cut and vacuum-packed. I also picked up some pork ribs and some rice; total cost came to $60. And to think I could have got "choice" for only $5.99 a pound. Guess I missed out.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Frozen at MaxRedline
The oxy-whatever didn't do much for me, TD. Aside from adding to the generally crummy feeling post-surgery, that is. We seem to share that. I can't imagine how others get addicted to stuff like that. It just seems weird.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Ask Your Doctor at MaxRedline
It's the store of choice for hipsters. I don't go there; I shop at Trader Joe's for frozen foods, locally-owned Thritway for some items (you can't find PG Tips tea anywhere else), and Freddie's for the essentials. I never believe "forecasts". Especially here in the PNW, they're generally wrong. But Mann-made global warming is real, I tell ya!
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on The Situation In New York City at MaxRedline
I think Sam said it. I expect the memory hole to be developed shortly.
Funny how that worked out for DiFi's hubby, isn't it?
As it happens, Sam, I'm usually home when the garbage pickup happens. Things will be peachy if they just take the stuff and leave me alone.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Seattle's Stocks at MaxRedline
Oh, good grief, ZZ - in the UK, they put weight sensors on the bottoms of the bins to determine whether you're throwing out too much trash for your household! I've no doubt that Seattle and Porkland will catch up, however.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Seattle's Stocks at MaxRedline
I think it was Rogers. But in any case, it's astute. Our governor wants a tax on bird seed. Anywhere else, that'd be funny.
According to the recent study published in JAMA" We included 3434 participants 65 years or older with no dementia at study entry. Initial recruitment occurred from 1994 through 1996 and from 2000 through 2003. Beginning in 2004, continuous replacement for deaths occurred. All participants were followed up every 2 years. Data through September 30, 2012, were included in these analyses. Leads me to believe that we're not talking about a thousand black folks from a long time back. It looks like a pretty well-done examination with a broad spectrum of participants, at least from a cursory look. It's not easy to get published in some of these journals (believe me, I've been there).
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Ask Your Doctor at MaxRedline
Operative word: yet. ;-)
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