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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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And they've had problems even on the writing side.
Toggle Commented 5 hours ago on Hot Flash: NYT Cuts Operations at MaxRedline
Tri-Met's board is all political appointees, and members of the Friends of Neil Goldschmidt club.
Toggle Commented 5 hours ago on Tri-Met & Union Have A Deal! at MaxRedline
Were that the case, I doubt they'd be sacking another 100+.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Hot Flash: NYT Cuts Operations at MaxRedline
True, Jaquiss still occasionally does the digging, but in general the press today is all about the quick sound-bite, so they can get back to joshing around with one another and generally showing what great folks they are. And really, it seems that most people simply don't care; they'll re-elect Retread next month because Richardson holds some opinions they don't like. Compared to that, wasting tens of millions of dollars is a triviality.
Toggle Commented yesterday on I Take Full Responsibility at MaxRedline
Well, yeah. And they really don't want to be identified realistically: they're Regressives. But as long as they control the media, they have Freedom of Spin.
Toggle Commented yesterday on So Much For The Northeast at MaxRedline
As though they aren't stressed enough - the people with the money are bailing, as are the businesses that create that money. Meanwhile, folks like our Retread governor go on media "welcoming illegals with open arms". The disconnect would be amazing, except that these are "progressives".
Toggle Commented yesterday on So Much For The Northeast at MaxRedline
Ha! Good point, and one I'd not considered!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Genetically Engineered Humans at MaxRedline
Oh, you better believe permitting's required for wild animal parks and zoos - but as it happens, you can own wild animals as a private citizen (if you get the proper permits). As you may recall, a few years back, some woman had her face ripped of by her friend's "pet chimp". Beavers are often maintained in zoos, but they're enclosed environments. Now, by contrast, nobody's "owning" wild beavers or coyotes in non-enclosed environments, so when they show up in your back yard, they really aren't "yours" - which is why the neighbor reactions were so surprising.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Don't Leave It To Beaver at MaxRedline
Hey now! The airbag is an important safety feature.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on They're Doing A Helluva Job. at MaxRedline
Heh! I don't know about that, TD - I'd drive academics even nuttier than they often tend to be. It was a surprise when the beavers showed up, as was the reaction of the upstream neighbors - they were of the opinion that since the animals were building on my property, they were my responsibility; hence, "my beavers". They wanted them gone, but came around after I showed them how to protect their trees and other plants and got the water level down to where they could live with it. Surprisingly, I was able to manage it all without BES oversight!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Don't Leave It To Beaver at MaxRedline
I happened across two articles, and the synergy demonstrated just how far this country has fallen, TD. So I distilled the Imprimis article on administrative law down to what I viewed as its essence, with my own interpretation regarding both that and the risks one may face when exercising his or her "rights". To me, it's all very disturbing. And as you note, the administrative rules are generally the ones of greatest impact.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on About Those "Rights" Of Yours... at MaxRedline
That's over 1500 jobs moved out of Seattle by Boeing so far this year.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on See Ya, Seattle at MaxRedline
Fortunately, you and I will both be worm food before the takeover occurs. And being genetically engineered, they probably won't need to Fight Global Warming™.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Genetically Engineered Humans at MaxRedline
Well, I don't think that the TEA party types leave as much of a mess behind.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Vikings! at MaxRedline
I try to keep things interesting, TD - at least, interesting to me. Politics alone gets boring, so I like to kick sciences and humanities and other stuff into the mix. Sometimes it's a little repetitive; I posted about this back in the middle of April, for example, but I like to stay up-to-date on these things. Heck, it'd have been good to know if food poisoning wasn't involved! Sometimes my warped sense of humor creeps in, however....
After the move, we should have about $800 a year less in water/sewer bills. No "leaf fee", no "Arts tax" (which we've still not paid, as litigation continues), no PPS bond, no MCL bond, and no "street fee". We'll save a ton of money by not living in "progressive" Porkland any longer. As it is, we don't transact any business in the city, so we don't really consider ourselves Portlanders anyway. Used to be a nice town, but we'll not miss it. As you noted: win-win.
Apparently, they have to stay up all night counting diapers, so that they have a complete accounting to give to their legal system.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Nordic Smuggling at MaxRedline
True, we now attract stupid. And we let them ride the rails for free. I tend to be intolerant. As an example: a few years back, I was visiting my folks in Florida, which is a place that I don't like, so I avoid it whenever possible. Nonetheless, there I was, and they took me out to dinner at a local restaurant with a deck overlooking a bay. It was all fun and games until a group of Salvadorans came out, and got into a heated argument that culminated with one guy jumping up and breaking a bottle of beer over the head of another guy. Oh my, head wounds bleed so profusely. Well, the bottle-smasher and his mother decided that they should exit stage left, as staff had called the cops. I stood up, walked over, and told them to go sit down; my mom was horrified. So, bottle-smasher said that if I didn't get out of the way he'd do to me "what I did to him". My reply was that I hoped he could swim, because if he tried anything, he'd be going off the deck. At this point, his mother intervened and said that they just wanted to leave, and didn't want any trouble - to which I replied that they should have thought of that a few minutes earlier. I told them to get back over there and sit down. They did. Lee County deputies showed up momentarily, and took bottle-boy into custody. By this time, the folks and I were ready to leave, but one of the cops stopped me, noting that I'd been ID'd as the guy who stopped bottle-boy. So he needed the usual name, address stuff, which I gave him. Then he asked what I do for a living, so I told him that I mostly worked with megaherbivores. "Mega-what?" Oh, elephants, sometimes rhinos or hippos. He grinned and said, "Well I guess a little guy like that don't scare you much, huh?" He walked us out to the car, and thanked me for the help.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Blood On The Rim at MaxRedline
Seems to have worked for Airbnb.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Bad Week For Uber at MaxRedline
I dunno, James. Things just went south. When I moved here from Oregon City (back when Pioneer Square was a parking garage, with a bronze plaque on the side noting that a school had once been there), Portland was pretty cool: water/sewer bills ran about 50 bucks every quarter, and I paid $30,000 for my house. Then it got weird. We went from a place where you could walk around town to great music venues, even late into the evening, to a place where you might be better off packing heat at noon. Those water/sewer bills now run $300 a quarter, with more increases planned, and the city "leaders" are constantly looking for ways to tax and fee us more so that they can build bioswales and bike paths. Screw it; like our good neighbors, we're getting out of here.
Unilateral disarmament may seem a cost cutting measure, but my original comment was a warning about the costs of gearing up to production of assets that we, as a nation, aren't currently capable of. We can't currently produce another, new, nuclear device. The production lines are shut down. And that, in a nutshell, was the point of the post: we don't have the money for it, and we really don't have the need. Oakridge is still marginally functional, but we're spending big bucks to come up with ways to clean up Hanford. And Oakridge is an assembly facility, not a production plant. There's one functioning plant remaining at Hanford, but it's for energy only; it can't convert stuff to weapons-grade material.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Leadership at MaxRedline
A lot of folks don't much like Nigel. I suspect Patty and Kitz are among them. As for being a smart political person, I disagree. Connected, yes, but smart?
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on She's Baaack. at MaxRedline
Perhaps they work on Russo-Chinese; perhaps not. In any event, we have a sufficient number, so we don't need - nor can we afford - more. What? Ya mean the Chinese might not lend us more cash if they figger we're going to use it to build new nukes?
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Leadership at MaxRedline
Oh, we're doing maintenance, OG - they just tested another Minuteman yesterday, in fact. As for the nukes themselves, I see no reason to build more at the present time, because we already have - even with reductions - enough to wipe countries off the map. Of course, it remains that we won't do that, which is why the Tailbans felt secure in allowing and supporting terror training camps. Our nukes didn't deter 9/11. And we didn't use one afterward.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Leadership at MaxRedline
Hah! But thanks, I try. My Bride says I can be very trying, at times.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Land Of Entitlement at MaxRedline