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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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You know, I hadn't considered that, TD; that's an excellent point! East Multnomah County is generally first on the list for blight and poverty but last on the list for amenities like parks and greenspaces. Places like Rockwood have never been especially desirable, but when I lived there in the 70s it wasn't a ghetto; we had a big Fred Meyer with the usual ring of satellite shops, a Safeway, and even home improvement centers within easy reach. Even the construction of the I205 freeway wasn't an especially negative impact. But the Freddy's, the Safeway, and the other stuff all went away in the years following the Portland/Gresham light rail activation, and all cited the same reason: unmanageable increases in theft. Crapartments and "mixed-use" development went up along the light rail line ("mixed use" generally meaning convenience stores, in that area), and as gentrification proceeded apace in Northeast Portland, low-income residents were pushed east into Rockwood. But they certainly don't have much in the way amenities there, unless strip joints are considered amenities. The needs are many, and known, and ignored.
Actually, we plan to move one block west - into Washington County. As always, your helpful suggestion and thoughtful contribution to dialogue is appreciated.
One of the beauties of "working" in government is that it pays so well for so little.
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I suspect you're right on the money, James.
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Oh, heck - they're pikers. Democratics do better than 110% here. They got really upset when the FAA approved expansion of O'Hare airport, because it called for putting a runway through a cemetery; disenfranchising hundreds of reliable voters.
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Change-orders are the big money-makers.
In my defense, I was trying to juggle several tax/fee issues into one relatively digestible post, TD, but yes - I think you summed up what I was trying to say about the "carbon tax" pretty succinctly. There are a number of issues that don't make a lot of sense as far as the new tax proposal goes, although the advocates admit that there may be some "equity issues" that need to be examined. My view is pretty straightforward: have the advocates pack up their kayaks (because unlike AlGore, they surely wouldn't want to contribute to their "carbon footprint" by flying!) and paddle on over to the biggest polluter/emitter on the planet for a little pow-wow. They should be sure to pack their iPhones so that they can call back and let us know how their talks with the Chinese are going. They might want to stay away from tanks while they're there. Once they get the Chinese to agree to their ideas, they can paddle triumphantly back over here and applaud as the duckies and the bunnies hold hands while dancing around the Maypole to the tune of "Everything Is Beautiful". On the library levy: I voted against that, not because of the compression effect on other taxes, but because they've been refusing millions in federal funds for years because those upgrade funds came with a string: they would have had to install filters to prevent computer users' access to porn sites. Rather than do that, they bellered "Freedom!" and virtuously rejected the cash. I've voted against them ever since, so it was disappointing to me to see the measure pass. On the other hand, I've become inured to being disappointed with election results in Portland/Multnomah County.
I find it bizarre as well. Surprisingly, the Occupy Wall Street crowd's actually been doing something constructive for students (although most student debt remains held by the feds).
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Contractors live for the change orders on public-works projects.
For the most part, I just dumped the COLAs into the retirement account. Seemed to work pretty well.
I only track MAC addresses, though of course when phones here use the wifi, they show up in the log.
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I'd expect it to include how much they successfully recoup,
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Have a safe and productive trip! I was just surprised that Maher, of all people, would say such things.
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Yes, but who ever considered Democratics to be reasonable people? If the name is familiar and there's a (D) next to it, what more does anybody need?
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Oh no, you have it wrong: prison is supposed to "rehabilitate" inmates, which is why they get library and tv and other stuff.
In retrospect, that was probably not the best choice of words.
I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach
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I actually expected Sam Adumbs to be recalled, but both efforts failed. So I'm not very optimistic about ushering the Little General and Streetcar out any time soon.
I dunno, TD; if you're not into details then there's no reason to drop by this little place. I just continue to be amazed that the "professionals" don't pick up on things - although to be fair, a guy once told me that "professional" just means you draw a paycheck. Maybe they've been pushed to focus so much on web-stuff that their detail-registers have rusted shut.
So I have you to blame! BTW, I suspect he's just embarrassed to admit that he might should've clicked on the embeds before getting all huffy. My email to him was polite, but firm.
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It's the real deal, too - at first I wondered, but I ran it down to make sure.
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I missed the humor somehow, Al - an accusation, even when implied, is kind of a serious deal to me. It's all the more irritating when the guy works for a company that kept an admitted plagiarist on staff for nearly two decades and even briefly promoted him to editor (Jonathan Nicholas). I sent Rose an email about this, which he has yet to acknowledge. What a maroon.
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I tend to fall into the "one is too many" camp.
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Well put, TD. Describes Maher perfectly. I was amazed when I ran across this interview.
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Thanks, TD. As you know, I jump on them when they do something stupid or unethical, but I also cut them a break when something happens that isn't their fault. There's a reason why reproduction in elephants and rhinos has been intensively studied, while in big cats, not so much. This incident could have easily happened in "the wild", and isn't an artifact of captivity. In point of fact, these lions will likely be placed on birth control in the not-too-distant future in order to prevent them from becoming over-represented in the captive gene pool (something you never see done with elephants and rhinos, for example - those animals are swapped out in order to expand the gene pool).
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