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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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Well, every bill seems to have cocaine residue on them. As far as the other stuff...I think we have to agree to disagree. Now, it's been 20 years since I as in Europe and Asia, but the dollars I used for purchases were enthusiastically accepted, and at better exchange rates than the general market.
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Thanks, g. I'm looking at wordpress. If this place moves, here will be plenty of warning. With a link, even. Typepad has become an increasingly irksome place, of late.
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It's mallards and woodies, mostly - and flyovers. Never seen a goose on the reservoirs. Which is not to say....
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True, Anthony. If you have dollars in your pocket, you don't need to stop at a currency exchange center when traveling. You'll get souvenirs in exchange for your purchases.
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Thanks, TD. The site was down again this morning, but was running when I returned from my 3-hour visit to DMV to renew my drivers' license :-). I left Blogger because it lacked, a decade or so ago, the flexibility that Typepad offered. As I have a domain name, I'm considering moving to Wordpress and hosting MaxRedline there. It might actually be less expensive (although I'm a bit technically challenged when it comes to PHP and CSS, so there's more of a learning curve). I'm thinking I'll download the software and goof around with it before deciding which route to take.
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Welp, I didn't write the law, but it seems to me that their sloppy language loophole works both ways. In my case, I happen to live barely inside the city limits (though we're looking at a place that's six feet on the other side of the line). We do all banking, grocery shopping, etc. on the other side of the line, in Washington County. They wrote it the way they did as a means of cajoling cash from the folks who live in Garden Home or Beaverton or Aloha but receive mail addressed to XXX at YYY St., Portland, OR. In any case, I believe it'll be dumped in the Appeals court because it amounts to a head tax, which is explicitly forbidden by the state constitution.
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Problem is, if you try to hold them accountable in any way, you "hate the poor" or you're "racis" or something. Still, that doesn't excuse the state staffers who sometimes went for years without even checking up on those folks. Personally, I'd go for drug-testing recipients.
Yep - just one teeny problem: it's been verified by agencies around the globe, including within Ukraine.
Good observation; when it comes to education, Asians and whites are at the top, Latinos are next, and blacks bring up the rear. I'm not buying "racism" as an explanation for those results.
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As it had been dead for a while, nobody wanted to try to render it. Tourists were leaving in droves, out there. On the plus side, the state learned from their incident some 44 years ago; they dug a honkin' big hole and buried the thing.
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Good question. But they evidently didn't have enough quarters.
The N.R.A. will probably wear camo (or fluorescent orange). Bloomie and his buddies are likely candidates for the brown-shirts.
Why, that's nearly one job per yard of rail!
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My understanding is that the short-wave signals can't be quickly triangulated, unlike pings from cell towers. Although, personally, I never got into ham or cb - to me, the transmissions were essentially unintelligible. I knew a guy who had a ton of ham equipment, and he'd hear something like "xthpppt gargleoutit, thhhpt" and get a big kick out of it.
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I think I'd be motivated to sell off as much as possible and take the first flight out of Ukraine.
With a fresnel lens, it could work.
Well, he's a guilty white guy, so it's all good.
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I'm beginning to worry about you, TD. It appears as though my sense of humor might have infected you. ;-)
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What's wrong with that picture? Well, for starters, it doesn't apply to Oregon residents; only Portland residents are affected (if it turns out to be ruled legal). If the constitutional challenge is upheld, as I expect it will be, then the city cannot place a lien on anyone. Moreover, the city would be liable for repayment of their illegal tax to all who did pay. Additionally, there's the language of the tax "law" itself: in an effort to screw as many people as possible, they included the phrase "if you consider Portland your home" in the section delineating who is expected to pay. While they clearly hoped to rope in folks in unincorporated Washington County areas such as Garden Home, the language inadvertently opens the door to people like me: I don't consider Portland to be my home. I do all of the banking, shopping, and other activities generally associated with the concept of "home" in either Tigard or Beaverton, both of which are in Washington County. Thus, as I don't "consider Portland to be my home", it follows that I don't owe their tax (should it ultimately be determined to be legal).
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I only have so much money....
I admit that I may have a wee bit of bias in this regard, but I'm with anyone who wants to work to reduce governmental intrusion into our daily lives.
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Where's your sense of adventure? Geeze....
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I believe their demographics are closer to Oregon's, Sam.
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You trying to harsh Shepard's buzz, there, Ian? It seems that he wants them as instructors....
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on WWU: Whites Need Not Apply at MaxRedline
I hear ya. Taxes used to be almost fun before Packwood id his grand "simplification" scheme back around 1984 or so. Took away most of the usual deductions for the commoners, but left plenty of loopholes for the rich folks. I took a hit on the 2012 taxes, but this year got a small refund from the state and the feds. I try to set things up so that I don't pay more, but don't get a big refund - giving the government an interest-free loan isn't my idea of fiscal prudence.
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