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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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It's kind of appalling that no MSM picked up on this, TD - I mean, if I can find it, why can't they? Although GoLocalPDX hasn't been around all that long, I bookmarked them after I ran across the site. I've been thinking of adding them into the sidebar, actually; they seem really thorough. Heh! And I did post links in a comment at O-Live, where they have a lengthy article asking "Who is Cylvia Hayes?"
Don't get me started on those - I just paid another $1000 to cover "my share" of a CT scan. This thing was supposed to ratchet down costs, yet they still charge $230 for an injection of contrast agent. I shudder to think what they charge for an aspirin.
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Well now, you can't expect them to retract their endorsements over such piddling details....
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Well, those young-uns'll be clamoring to sign up Real Soon Now, and then we'll see just how prescient Nanny and Barry really were all along.
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Sounds like a winner. Ah, just give 'em time...they'll find a way to ram a light rail line down Highway 99W and expand their Streetcar. Apartment bunkers galore!
Ha! Yes, they probably do. Just off the top of my head, apart from Alta, Sam Adams and Ted Kulongoski waved $40 million at SoloPower and took big bows when that company announced that they were moving their headquarters into NE Portland. They never produced their "revolutionary, thin-film solar panels". In fact, their headquarters is empty. Vestas, the "wind giant", agreed to move their North American headquarters into the Pearl District, promising to bring hundreds of "green jobs". They got something like $30 million, and at one point actually had 120 people here - for about two years. Now they've closed down and moved to Denver, where last I heard, they had some 50 employees. ReVolt promised to locate their headquarters in NE Portland, where they'd produce "revolutionary" batteries and bring a hundred good-paying, green jobs. I think they only got $10 million. Their "headquarters" consisted of a trailer in a parking lot, with a phone line - since disconnected. I know there've been more.
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Yes, well as we hear ad infinitum on the broadcast media, Republicans have dangerous ideas! And they're wrong for Oregon! Oooh, scary! But the low-info types buy that, and they don't care about roughly $1 billion in tax dollars blown, they don't care that the FBI has a criminal investigation going into the Cover Oregon debacle, and corruption is just what Democratics do. But at least they don't have scary ideas.
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Ya, but the newer electronics is really why car thefts are dropping; the older models are easier to steal, but the parts aren't as much in demand as they used to be. Mine has all the parts etch-tagged, and the fuel system shuts down if you try to hot-wire it. Although at some point I need to see if I can pop the clutch to start it.
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Give him points for "transparency".
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There is no balance of powers with bloated bureaucracy. Well put, TD; exactly what I was struggling to say! I find it very scary that, should they decide they'd like additional power, they can simply re-write the regulations that are supposed to govern their activities - and for the most part, our elected representatives are so busy campaigning and fundraising that they take no notice.
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No kidding - and he's still at it! Our environmental bureaus would be in conniptions if he tried that sort of thing over here.
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Over half of the helium use in the US is in medical imaging machines - MRI, CAT, etc, but I doubt somehow that there's much of a rental market.
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Yep, there are a few of his geodesics around here, in the higher-end portion of the hills. Now, of course, by our politicians and planners is for apartment bunkers.
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Oh, she's already been trying to "walk that back" (as they say these days). But she did have a point; if government can tell you how much you have to pay an employee, mandate that you give said employee paid vacation, paid sick leave, and health insurance - well, they're pretty much already deciding who works, who doesn't, and under what conditions.
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No, it doesn't record, Sam. It brings up a clear, color picture though - even has little colored markers to give you an idea of just how far away the object is. It's mounted under the passenger-side mirror. I think a lot of newer cars have them; pretty sure the VW Jetta does, along with Toyotas. My Civic Si has that along with back-up camera.
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People around here are generally pretty good about riding with helmets and lights, though not very good about obeying traffic-control devices. I think too that here, since Portland "leaders" love to attract the hipster crowd, we see an uptick in bike ridership - most of them live on the east side, where the ground's pretty flat.
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Oh, I don't know; we live in one at the moment. Although unfortunately, I hear that the country's running out of helium....
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Worse yet, they believe that they have the right to control you.
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I thought it was pretty funny, too.
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Interestingly, the Mt. Hood freeway was in construction phase when the rapist shut it down - and convinced the feds that transportation dollars would be more effectively used on a Porkland/Gresham light rail line. And of course, he became Jimmuh Cahtah's transportation Czar. Democratics eat this stuff up. Walking, biking, and rails are the future - if you live in the 19th century. And even more so if you live in Porkland's flatlands.
He's generally a fount of information, that's true - and I'd never accuse him of lying. But accidents happen to everybody. Garbleage occurs. And from the look of things, he was facing a lot of garble. Fortunately, his accident wasn't fatal. It rather reminds me of an incident five or six years ago, when visiting my parents at Fort Meyers Beach. Out on the deck, overlooking the water, enjoying the meal, when out came a bunch of Salvadorans (they seem plentiful in the area). They all took a seat next to the railing overlooking the boat dock, and everything was okay until it wasn't. There was a loud cracking sound, and considerable hollering, and when I glanced up, one guy was bleeding profusely from a head wound incurred when one of the others broke a beer bottle over his head. Lovely. So, people started bailing out and the wait staff was on 911 and there was a fair amount of pandemonium going on. I just kept eating. It was a good steak. All fine, really, no worries. AND THEN the idiot tried to leave. He had to walk past me to do that, but oddly enough, I sort of blocked his path, and asked where he thought he might be going. He said he didn't want any trouble, and I mentioned that he maybe should have thought of that five minutes ago. So he pointed to the bloody guy and said he could do that to me. Um, well, you can certainly try, but you do realize that you're 20 feet above a boat dock, and I really can't guarantee that you'll hit the water instead of that. You might want to go back with the woman there and sit down until the police arrive to sort of figure things out. They looked at each other, then turned and walked back to their seats. I sat down and resumed eating. Dad was bemused, mom was horrified. Well, a bunch of Lee County deputies arrived shortly, and they had the one guy sent to the hospital. And they questioned the wait staff and other folks, and they handcuffed the other Salvadorans in the party over there, and then a young deputy asked if he could take a seat for a chat. Nice. Perfectly happy to let me finish dinner before it got cold. So, we went over what had happened, and yes, I did stop them from leaving until officers arrived, and so on. The cop said, "Can I ask what you do for a living?" Well, sure. Animal work, and computer networking. Huh. What sort of animals do you work with, and what do you do? Oh, I work mostly with wild animals, and it sort of depends on what the people that are paying me want me to do. Usually, they just want to talk about how to train out undesirable behaviors, but sometimes I actually do the behavior modification. Really, it comes down to what they're interested in. Well, what kind of animals are we talking about here? Mostly megaherbivores, but I've worked with probably any species you can think of. Uh-huh. What's a megaherbivore, exactly? Sorry - those would be hippos, rhinos, elephants...anything that's big and gray and relatively lethal, with weights running into the tons; I'm okay with them. He started laughing, then said he guessed I wasn't all that worried about the guy over there. I didn't know; I figured him for about 160 pounds, but as I noted, I'm not really all that good at estimating weights for small animals; I can usually hit within 50 on big ones. This was apparently pretty amusing as well. So as I was done eating, he asked if he could walk us all out to the car so he could finish collecting contact information - not that he'd need to use it, but just in case. Great, so we get a police escort out of the restaurant - but we don't end up in a squad car, so there's that. Mom bitched all the way back to the house and then some. You could've been killed. On and on. Best move is to just not say anything, as that'll just keep her going. I think it eventually occurred to her that I ain't dead, and everything turned out okay.
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I know, it's never gonna happen, Sam. But a guy can dream....
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At 67, Hinders ought to be looking at possible retirement. Instead, she's taken out loans and maxed her cards because the goons took her operating cash. If our reps won't rein in the goons at the various agencies, they need to be booted, in my view.
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I first heard about the tree many years ago while in the Florida Keys, though I wasn't aware that Ponce de Leon was felled by an arrow tipped with its sap. It does have quite the history!
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Thanks, TD - though frankly I suspect His sense of humor is at play: this outcome had to have been disappointing to a lot of folks! Though I do try to keep things entertaining and, ideally, interesting. You may be recalling that back in the dark ages - when you had to use dialup in order to connect to one of the two or three text-based networks then around - I found a way to speed up the connection process (and speed right past the user interfaces at two of the networks). I did get paid for that (free access, too). Thanks again!
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