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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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They read WW. I think The Zero's starting to, as well.
It's probably not a copyrightable term. But it was nice to finally run across some hard data on just how much that arrogant dork wasted on his "signature achievement", and at least we have sort of a handle on how much more it's going to cost. If you want to find out what's going on in Oregon, you have to look out-of-state. Look for charges against Retread, his Squeeze, Jordan and his mouthpiece (Shelby), and around half a dozen of Retread's administrative staff.
I don't think I ever saw Wimpy pay, actually....
Toggle Commented 1 hour ago on New Detroit at MaxRedline
Hey, if you guys'd just put up electric fences or something to keep the Californians out....
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on California Never Stops Dreamin' at MaxRedline
Interesting - a mill that barks!
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on Oceana Claims Sea Lions Are Starving at MaxRedline
Arrogance seems to be a "thing" among Democratics.
Pretty weird, isn't it, Sam? The FBI's holding onto their landfill visit video and other stuff. Suddenly, Blue jeans and boots and big belt buckles aren't cutting it for Retread.
My email addresses won't change, and that's how they notify me.
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on They've Done It Again - Prime $8.99 at MaxRedline
Sounds like a little slice of heaven. It's interesting how the folks in Section 8 housing almost always find money for drinks and smokes and dope.
Toggle Commented 6 hours ago on Pushing Condos And Apartments at MaxRedline
They haven't been unemployed all that long and they're already hanging around the dump.
Garden Home.
Toggle Commented 6 hours ago on They've Done It Again - Prime $8.99 at MaxRedline
Yes, as a matter of fact. Criminal convictions don't alter the payout.
Not sure about the firing squad part, there, MS. I think orange jumpsuits will be fine. But yes: Retread and McCaig are part of the original Friends of Neil network, along with Kulongoski (who was appointing Neil to a government job when the WW story broke) - Kulo was appointed by governor Neil to the AG slot in the first place, which got him his jump into the governorship. So he's a member of FON as well. As are Michael Jordan, the heads of Tri-Met and the Port of Portland, and top leadership at NW Natural. And the list goes on.
And that also explains why he was willing to give her a state office and earn a couple hundred thousand plus off the "relationship". It's money into the household, but off the books for him.
Well, yeah - Republicans always have something to hide, don't they?
No kidding, TD. My apartment days were much the same: Kids rappelling down from third-floor windows, boots thudding the walls the whole way. A trio of girls upstairs who got drunk one night and put on "Killing Me Softly With His Song" while they sang along - over and over. At midnight. I finally got up and went over to the breaker-box and shut their power off. What joy. No fruit trees, though you might be able to grow tomatoes in a pot. I prefer not having to put up with that stuff. Yes, there are issues with having a detached house - we just replaced the flooring and the furnace. But it's ours. I had the roof replaced four years ago. Had to buy a new washer/dryer. Have to mow the lawn (but it's a small one). Still, I bought my first house for $50,000 and sold it for $150,000. Used that money to buy this place for $168,000. A smaller home just a few doors down sold for $450,000 a few weeks ago. My Bride loves gardening, so we've done quite a bit of that - she's into ornamentals, while I'm into food. We have room for both. We plan to peddle this place and get out of Multnomah County. It'll just be a new canvas.
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Al's never been to Africa, he's just another black race-baiter. I trust that the "reverend" that Obama never listened to for twenty years was invited to the festivities?
Toggle Commented yesterday on MSNBC Getting Serious? at MaxRedline
Whole different thing, wasn't it? Didn't involve radioactives, but some kind of chemical thing. Dumping waste into the harbor, or something like it.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Pre-seasoned, Pre-cooked Fish at MaxRedline
I don't expect it to get that far, ZZ. This is a crafty administration, but not a very smart one. They've had edict after edict smacked down by the judiciary, and I don't see that trend going away any time soon.
That's the feds, saving the Delta smelt. As noted previously, California requires that most of their energy comes from renewable resources - so they buy it from wind farms in southern Oregon and elsewhere. Walking the talk isn't in their lexicon.
Toggle Commented yesterday on California Never Stops Dreamin' at MaxRedline
I was impressed with the hydraulic lifts in the house that raised and lowered the section of floor covering the entrance/exit. Those boys aren't messing around!
Toggle Commented yesterday on Tunneling Arizona at MaxRedline
I thought the card crashing the system was a little odd as well, ZZ. But then, we're talking about a train-wreck with these two anyway, so there's that. If you didn't click the video, you should; it's a real eye-opener. She's so full of herself.
The RT mouthpiece said there's tech that prevents trains from running red lights, but it'd cost millions of dollars to implement. But they're going to have to replace trains in about five years, so they're "planning to look into it". Sacramento, by the way, has one of the highest train/ped-train/car wreck rates in the country.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Light Rail Rolls In Sacramento at MaxRedline
People of means don't usually have dogs. Or if they do, they hire walkers. They're also into playing the social scene, and I'm not.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Pushing Condos And Apartments at MaxRedline
It's sorta like measles, I guess.