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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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I hope that like me, you caught it before you left! So many folks seem to just pay and go. Sure, you can go back and probably get a refund, if you actually look at the receipt, but what a hassle. I'm hoping that my little post will nudge a few folks to pay attention to the screen, so they can get things corrected before they get home.
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The DM was ranked among the top news outlets in the world, last year. Lefties here dismiss them as a "tabloid" (and what, exactly, is The Oregonian?), but they do have a pretty strong track record on sniffing this stuff out - far better than the locals do. And yes, although defamation laws in England are considerably stricter than in the US, they can't be persecuted (nor prosecuted) because they have their ducks in a row before they publish.
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I'm very glad I didn't view that link immediately prior to dinner. That's incredibly gross. Some people simply become, somehow, brain-dead, yet continue to walk.
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Absolutely correct, Ian. When you consider that most of your body is composed of non-human materials that have been ingested and modified by horizontal transfer, the current hysteria seems largely a result of media influences.
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Sowell fails to comprehend the mindset that gets people into R-T-O and "payday loans". To equate them with a small business owner trying to make bank to pay his employees until his customers pay up is ludicrous. People with poor decision making skills - and generally limited education - are the ones who get sucked into these things. And yes, they're in it for the long haul: as the embed notes, the woman whose story they relate is 33 and has a ninth-grade education. Hubby drives a gut-truck to pet-food processing plants, often bringing in as much as $500 a week. She can't find a job. But they just had to have that new couch set, and they just couldn't wait to put it on layaway elsewhere. Instant gratification. And they've been paying on that every week for eight months. They're not going to return it or have it repossessed, because in their minds, that's just throwing away their money. When I was paying $350 a month to rent a sweet little condo in NW Portland, I didn't plan to stay there more than a year, so I rented a couch; made sense: they deliver, they pick up - and I don't have to schlep the thing out when I move. Whole different mindset.
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I imagine that'd be even more expensive to correct.
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Well hey - look at the bright side: your kids wouldn't need birth control!
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Sounds like an interesting talk episode, Ian. But I'm afraid you're right; it might take a few dozen repos for it to sink in. As I noted, though, they could simply wait and buy on layaway, but it seems that so many are afflicted with the desire for instant gratification that it never occurs to them that that's how they ended up where they are in the first place.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Rent-To-Own at MaxRedline
Most of the payday loan places have been shut down, Sam, although RapidCash is still going strong because they cut their interest rates down to more reasonable levels. I think they run at 25%, which is down from the 400+%.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Rent-To-Own at MaxRedline
A lady named "Marie" comes to mind. Poor dear just lost her head over the littlest things.
Can you imagine this situation in the home/auto insurance industries? We're from the government, and we're here to help.
Somehow, the age limitation was waived. Even today, miracles happen.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on 44 Is The New 19 at MaxRedline
In Oregon, PERS guaranteed an 8% annual growth. Guaranteed. From what I understand, they're not as bad off as CalPERS, but still.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on CalPERS Takes A Hit at MaxRedline
There's a "hotel" in NE Portland that consists of half a dozen portable mini-houses arranged in a semi-circle in a parking lot. There are no real amenities, although they do have a fire-pit in the middle of the lot, with some picnic tables where guests can mingle and chat about how cool they are. They charge $115 a night. Visiting hipsters seem to think it's really great. Go figure. As for New York: Manhattan has lost over a million residents in the last decade. Gee, I wonder why. On the plus side, those little things must be really easy to keep clean.
Of particular amusement is that he talks about "big corporations spending millions of dollars to get you to vote it down". The implication being that he's on your tv screen every few minutes for free, because he Cares. Yep, I'll need to spend a few years "studying" this.
The amusing thing, ZZ, is that since the figures show exactly the opposite of what they were hoping for, the PR folks spin it as "most people live in suburbs, but wish they didn't". Yeah - 1/5 of them want to live in more rural settings.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Metro's Got 26 PR Staff at MaxRedline
Well, about that: CAUSA, La Raza, and the other pushers have repeatedly claimed that the cards could not be used for anything other than driving. Turns out, TSA would accept them as ID for flights. I'm just hoping the polls are correct and the thing goes down in flames.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Drivers' Cards For Illegal Aliens at MaxRedline
Bingo! That's the thing, ZZ - it's long been known that eyewitnesses are among the least reliable sources of evidence. Heck even Perry Mason demonstrated that.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on The Resurrection Of Frank Gable at MaxRedline
Ol' Bobby fell on some hard times after getting out of the hoops biz, ZZ. Drugs and hookers seems to have been his latest foray into business. I thought the same thing on seeing the sword; that's got to be worth some serious cash right there. On the cellar: well, we don't know whether or not it was properly permitted, and I'm pretty sure he didn't dig it out by hand. There are companies around here who specialize in taking out part of a home's foundation and running mini-dozers in there to turn crawlspaces into basements. They do a whole new foundation and will even finish out the basement to specifications. Sounds like this guy had the money to manage that.
Ya, Sam - and when you drop an existing crawlspace by another seven feet, you're probably not going to hit either. Whatta they want him to do - go out and shoot up the woods?
Ha! And if you bounce a check, they charge you more of what they already know you don't have! Business is booming at those places: In 2008, Buddy’s had 80 stores. Now it has 204. By 2017 it wants to have 500. In 2008, Buddy’s had 80 stores. Now it has 204. By 2017 it wants to have 500. Apparently, this is one of relatively few remaining legal rackets.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Rent-To-Own at MaxRedline
I think you're right. Barry'd rather spend on "social justice" - whatever that is.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on USCG To Close Newport Air Base at MaxRedline
Yeah, well, our legislature passed it in April 2013, gov. Retread signed it into law a couple of weeks later, and a petition to put it on the ballot gained more than enough signatures less than a month later. So the law's been on hold until voters decide in a couple of weeks, and while the "no" side has raised around $40,000, the "yes" side's raised about ten times that. Polling shows the "no" side winning decisively.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Driver Cards For Illegal Aliens at MaxRedline
Thanks TD; I just find it unconscionable that Metro spends so much in resources on nothing more than public relations (and that doesn't even count the "reporters" they have on staff - I think at last count there were three - to write stories about various Metro events which are then emailed to local media; Pamplin Media's been known to simply print them verbatim). But as you note, this waste afflicts all layers of government; every department in the City of Portland has at least one. Multnomah County's probably the least profligate of the bunch. Joseph Rose over at The Oregonian had an article in the last day or so talking about his expensive commuting week, and the condition of Portland roads entered into it briefly as he ran photos of the two days he attempted to commute by bicycle: a ruined front tire and tube due to a sheetrock screw in the bike lane, followed by a blown rear tire when - after getting the front tire fixed - he encountered the light rail tracks near Rose Quarter. The roads may not be swept nor maintained, but taxpayers foot the bill to the tune of $4 million a year at Metro alone (likely double that, when the City, County, and Tri-Met flacks are included) in compensation for people to tell us who wonderful things really are. It's just astonishing. One correction, though: it's my Bride who does the special needs outreach services; I just keep the computers and network running, and edit the occasional document - I have spelling and grammar-checking software in my brain. ;-)
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Good grief - you'd still be paying that bill down. I'm glad she had just a mild case of that, as it can get a whole lot worse. I mean, we got people freaking over Ebola, which has only killed one person in all of America so far, but there are 14,000 people pooping themselves to death and it never hits the nightly news.
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