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I'm just a geek with attitude.
Interests: animals, science, computing systems, politics
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Sorry, my sense of humor isn't to everybody's taste.
Toggle Commented 6 hours ago on AIDS - A Positive Result at MaxRedline
A big new market for the Ocean Spray gang!
Toggle Commented 7 hours ago on Turkey Day In The U.K. at MaxRedline
Assuming that they think at all.
The Nature Conservancy is a rarity among "environmental" groups.
True. Boeing isn't losing tons of money either - and they just moved another 1000 jobs out of the Seattle area.
Toggle Commented 7 hours ago on Amazon Bets Big at MaxRedline
Yes, most will likely be customer support jobs, TD - but I was surprised to see Amazon doing this after their city council voted in a mandatory minimum wage of $15 an hour. That's a huge cost for the company.
Toggle Commented 20 hours ago on Amazon Bets Big at MaxRedline
Never cared for tofu, myself. It's been 20 years since tofurkey hit the market, and most of the originals are still sitting in grocery freezers, waiting for somebody to buy them.
Toggle Commented 22 hours ago on Seattle Mayor "Pardons" A Tofu Turkey at MaxRedline
It's an oddity, isn't it? No problem for a suicide; problem for offing a murderer. Thus, a return to the firing squad.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Monaco Gambles, Loses at MaxRedline
Not likely - it's the same in Porkland.
I might have agreed with that view at one time, Ian, but unfortunately, not now: the former executive director at a non-profit that my Bride worked for developed an addiction, apparently, to Oregon Lottery video games. To feed that addiction, she stole over $80,000 during a six-year period - money that was supposed to be used to help people with developmentally disabled children. She also deducted income taxes from staff paychecks, but rather than forwarding those funds to the IRS and ODR, she stuffed it into the machines. Made doing taxes a real bitch for me. See this for more:
Oh, it's quite the deal, Ian - under current law, utilities are required to buy your solar power at above-market rates while you're off at work. Then, when you get home and flip on the news and turn on the lights, they have to sell you power at market rates. So yeah, you can really cut your electric bill for the first 20 years - after which panel output rapidly declines.
I didn't make it over there yesterday, guess I should have made time.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Marion Barry's Dead at MaxRedline
So I've heard, but studies indicate that video games are highly addictive for some people.
Heh- we don't do low-heat. And much as it may vex the EPA, we still have an open fire.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on My God, It's Full Of Genes at MaxRedline
Doesn't mean we had to have laws against them, but enacting laws to permit them opens many doors.
At least ours was still guarding the house. Probably just wanted a better view.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Gotta Engage The Dead-bolt at MaxRedline
And conservatives, who by and large opposed both the lottery and pot, are demonized as Neanderthals. Imagine that.
The chestnuts probably kill squirrels that eat them.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on My God, It's Full Of Genes at MaxRedline
You shouldn't use such big words; today's "graduates" won't understand them.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Marion Barry's Dead at MaxRedline
He can regain credibility by resigning. But he'll want to find a way to spend that surplus first; otherwise, it goes back to taxpayers (a.k.a.: the "kicker"). Can't have that, wouldn't be prudent.
That wouldn't have occurred to me, Sam, but I guess it's a pretty apt description. My next-door neighbor got "free solar panels" through Solar City or some such, so there are half a dozen of the things on his roof. The company gets the state and federal money for the "free panels and installation". PGE has to purchase any power generated from them at higher-than-market rates, and the company gets a cut of that as well. But, after 25 years, you own the installation free and clear! Lifespan of solar panels: 25 years. Disposal fees: well, they're hazmat - both of these are things the neighbor hadn't considered. But he sure looks green.
I imagine that if he had his way this three-peat offender wouldn't be around much longer....
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Where's The Fire? at MaxRedline
Heh! I've seen some of the school lunch photos being sent out by high schoolers who're pretty torqued over Mooch's interference. Good thing King Barky can't run again, because he's lost the kiddie votes.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on BREAKING NEWS at MaxRedline
He does. Of course, that doesn't matter, as it's not a capital offense - but it will be prosecuted in Clatsop County. Maybe they can get someone to drive Bob to Astoria, as it seems unlikely that he wouldn't stop off in St. Helens for a few drinks to bolster himself. I'd suggest yanking his license, but I doubt that'd keep him from driving.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Where's The Fire? at MaxRedline
Portland was one of the anti-Walmart pioneers, thanks to Sam Adams. So there are a few "neighborhood" stores here, but that's about it. On the plus side, we live just a block and a half from the county line near Tigard, and they just built one of those big Walmarts less than a mile down the hill from us. Woot! In response to the guy's query, I'd likely have asked if he thought he should be locked up. But then, I'm not as diplomatic as you. I didn't realize that peyote is smoked; I always thought it was chewed. Ya learn something from the strangest sources! Bet you forgot to pick up your stamps....
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Beard Nets - Sales Are Up at MaxRedline