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"Seal Team Nixed" ...Benghazi, Help Denied" The Media seems more concerned with framing President Obama a hero and getting him re-elected then reporting the truth. Father of slain Navy Seal Tyrone Woods says they asked for help in Benghazi three times and were denied, drones flew overhead and watched the compound in Benghazi as they were under attack for seven-hours, but America's being told they "lacked early info" and "the fog of war" rendered them helpless to assist these four Americans that were murdered in Benghazi Libya. The compound in Benghazi Libya had been attacked in June, just three months prior to this September 11th attack and the late Ambassador Stevens had requested a military assignment to help secure the compound, his request was denied, records show he had made a number of requests as Benghazi became more hostile over the past year, all were denied. According to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb funding security there "was not the issue" Lamb had told a Congressional hearing, the Obama Administrations "strategy" was to use local militias to provide security in Benghazi and not use US Military, just as they've done in Yemen. Hiring the "February 17th Brigade" rather then protecting Americans with US Military was the Administrations policy and it left these men poorly protected, the Lybian militia fled their posts as other Libyan groups seized upon the compound threatened them, abandoning Ambassador Stevens and the others. The 'February 17th Brigade' was just one of many Libyan Rebel groups that formed to fight Gaddafi's forces during the "Arab spring", the Obama Administrations policy was to empowered them to protect US interests and US lives in Benghazi, they were never a trained security detail, they were a band of gypsy militants hired to do the work of trained career professional, the US Marines. Rather then report these events the Media's making this President out to be a Hero for the death of Osama bin Laden, all the while the real Hero the Doctor that led US Forces to Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad Pakistan is still being tortured in a Pakistani prison for helping US Forces, there's little mention of the Doctor by the Media as they continue to pray to their false god.
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Don't forget SunPower... American Tax Dollars for Mexican Jobs. "SunPower: Twice As Bad As Solyndra, Twice As Bad For Obama" 10/11/2011 "How did a failing California solar company, buffeted by short sellers and shareholder lawsuits, receive a $1.2 billion federal loan guarantee for a photovoltaic electricity ranch project -three weeks after it announced it was building new manufacturing plant in Mexicali, Mexico- to build the panels for the project." "The company, SunPower, now carries $820 million in debt, an amount $20 million greater than its market capitalization. If SunPower was a bank, the feds would shut it down. Instead, it received a lifeline twice the size of the money sent down the Solyndra drain." "Marty T. Neese, the company's chief operating officer, said, "Establishing our own manufacturing facility in Mexicali means we will be positioned to quickly deliver our high-efficiency, high-reliability solar products to a growing North American solar market." "Mexicali Mayor Francisco Perez Tejada Padilla said he was thrilled. "Mexicali is rapidly becoming an industrial hub for high-tech companies, offering an educated workforce and a growing manufacturing area," he said. "We welcome SunPower to our city and are pleased that they have chosen Mexicali to establish its solar panel manufacturing facility."
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Maybe Marc Caputo would like to give equal time to the other alleged sex scandal? "Barack Obama accused by two men of inappropriate behavior" November 3, 2011 "The men complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Obama that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the university that gave them financial payouts to leave the journal. The agreements also included language that bars the men from talking about their departures." "White House spokesman Jay Carney told THE KANSAS CITIAN the president indicated to White House staff that he was "vaguely familiar" with the charges and that the university's general counsel had resolved the matter."
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Nov 10, 2011