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Throttling drives WoW players crazy... their patchers are all torrents and it really does impact when there's a big patch release of several gig. Blocking torrents is just going to piss off legitimate users. Pirates will just find other ways to distribute material. I still remember back on 56.6 modems you could get mp3s straight from websites, then when they all got closed, Limewire, Kazaa, Gnutella et. al. all sprang up, and torrents developed from that. I am on the side of making content easily available (and preferably DRM free). I won't go hunting for a song on bittorrent when I can get a fast, safe and guaranteed download for pennies in itunes. Its about adapting the market. Valve revolutionised how I buy videogames with Steam. Where is the movie industry? Dragging its damn feet and going LALALA NOT LISTENING. Wake up and move with the times, corporations.
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PDF is just perfect. I have a neat iPhone app that lets me use it as an extra drive and can transfer and read PDF files. Am just about to settle into bed and read some. If it's as wonderfully written as your blog then I'm in for a treat. Your blog is fantastic and has helped me to realise how much of a gift life is. Keep on typing!
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Another derby girl here. We're a small, new, UK based league (and I can tell you, RD is growing exponentially here) hoping to get WFTDA status pretty soon. In the meantime, I try to convert everyone I know. It's more than a sport - it's a way of life! P.S. one of the names I am registering (we derby girls have on-track personas) is 'Scar Trek' ;-)
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Jun 14, 2010