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thanks all.. sorry brunt seems so antiquated. i have always enjoyed it , though some of that is memory.. i am thinking a lot about origin stories in chapter two thats too for stuff about new yorker... and i shall tell that to the next samnite i meet, Mr Bulley
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yes hoping to discuss all this...finding attractive way to do it is the key!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Chapter four at A Don’s Life
thank you v much.. and yes i do read the comments!
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Thanks so much. I havent actually dared to read the profile yet. Yes I am sorry about the "greengrocer's (? -cers') apostrophe. The sloppy punctuation has become a bit of a cause celebre among commenters. It started in the way you hint... late a night, just a bit sloppy, and spell check being a devil. Now I shove in a few deliberate mistake to keep the readers on their toes.
Oh blimey, yes.. how did that happen? will change.
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sorry I was travelling and on a long plane journey!
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Maybe I wasnt clear it was 9% of total school population, not of those at grammar school.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2014 on A level hype at A Don’s Life
Ok another fair hit. The think is that I have quite a lot of "rewards" from credit cards and I do redeem some of the vouchers etc for stores. But in the end I would just rather cheaper prices and not the sense that I would ratchet up my credit card bill for an MandS voucher
Oh dear I am outed!
They have long left home and their is no maid. '
Just to give you the upshot. The John Lewis branch in Cambridge were very helpful indeed, but didn't manage to get a change of heart. Then a very nice woman from John Lewis central called. She said she wanted to find a solution for this (on behalf of everyone who was having problems). Always good news when someone says they want to find a solution. Within an hour she had managed to show the HSBC card dept that they DID have access to all the identity proof they needed. And I now await the card. Very impressed with my saviour, and with her insistence that she wanted to get this sorted for ALL.
We have tall bins which ordinary bags don't fit
Actually -- this is how it is mostly used in our house. One of the kids is going into town, we need (eg) bin liners. Instead of finding the money, or saying "will pay you back"... you say please go to JLewis and get some bin liners. Also a very good lesson in self restraint for the young! Resisting temptation.
sorry, John Lewis is a very good department store, with a reputation for being the favourite of the British middle class.
Thanks for that .. really great to have your view (I was a mere grunt too I hasten to add!).
one of his friends in swaziland emailed me
For those of you who have been on this blog a long time, I thought that I should share some sad news, that Paul Potts (Paulo)-- a very active early commenter -- died peacefully at home in Swaziland in April. He came over when the first compilation was launched.
Thanks, I know that is the official line (and I like the idea this being the Live Aid moment!) To be honest I rather think there was more complicity by Belgium in general (whatever the strictly private ownership at the worst point)...I am not saying active involvement by many in L's very worst features, but I think the evidence is against a real transformation when Congo passed to the state. I think of the nice bourgeois citizens of Brussels tripping off to his museum at Tervuren -- many of them good and sincere people. One of the puzzles about imperial exploitation is exactly how it does so often make us all (or most us.. Casement a case in point) fairly complicit.
Thats really kind. Would love a copy,
I agree that there is room for both views... in fact that is partly my point (though it didn't come out in this post). As I said after the show on Friday, Rod and I cant both be right. But we dont yet know which is wrong, and we dont quite know how we would decide, so best to keep debating.. and trying to get decent data. There is some... eg "benefit tourism" is largely a myth. But sadly that fact doesnt stop Cameron doing what he did last week. Maybe that is a useful symbol for him, but the idea that it will save loads of money or deter loads of migrants is dotty.
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seemed odd to me too.. but the notice was very clearly not referring to the ministry of culture, but to some element of the Turkish Parliament. Stupidly, I didnt write it down. Hence the vagueness.
Sadly I didn't. Damn!
I promise you Gigi, they were very prominent. It is had to capture how the countryside has been taken over buy the equipment for growing tomatoes out of season.. in season, that would be different.But the commercial pressures of various sorts were striking.. m
he is a damn good classicist
Yes I know that's a star. For some reason it didnt speak to me as much as Gaius' monument -- partly I guess, as I was surprised to discover the Gaius.