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the start of a piece whose aim was to explain why such simple comparisons dont work! as I say in SPQR
Thanks for the comments. I do know the NY post office (yes amazing), but hadnt realised of the Depression campaign. Post Offices can be rather good in UK (like the old post office in Cambridge, now a Barclay's bank while the new post office is horribly undistinguished), but not at that level.
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whoops.. yes you're right. Sorry
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2016 on Under the wolf and twins! at A Don’s Life
thank you!
well.. seeing these British things in an American context is sort of 'half external'
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2016 on Emperors in Yale at A Don’s Life
thanks.. and I hope I have now fixed in the post.
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I am afraid that it does not prove that there was a community of Chinese in Roman London. It shows that there were a couple of people of probably Chinese descent there. I am one of the biggest advocates of a multicultural Roman empire, even in backwater Britain.. but the idea that a Chinese archiect designed Hadrians Wall is nothing more than charming fantasy
A considerable degree of trade. Loads of Roman coins found in India, piles of pepper in the ports of the red sea. India appear on the ancient Roman 'map' called the peutinger table
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giles, i see why you are right, but i loved it!
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2016 on Romulus in Bilbao at A Don’s Life
it's the syme lecture at wolfson, early week i guess its about art history
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2016 on Prize giving at A Don’s Life
i suspect only 'under' the spanish translation..
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2016 on Prize giving at A Don’s Life
just about to test drive some of it in two big lectures.. in oxford and yale! will tell you after!
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2016 on On cloud nine in Asturias at A Don’s Life
require, maybe not. but they like hard science.. and I have been at admissions forums where potential applicants for medicine steered away from human biology toward physics and chemistry
There is thriving Classical Civ syllabus with OCR, dont forget.
Thanks Jamie. I am as big a supporter of Art History as the next person (I am married to one, and count mysef as half one). But I think we need to get the targets right. I hold no brief for AQA (and much of whatthey say may be weasel words) but we will go through this cycle forever, unless we do something to break the link between exam and teaching... indeed loosen up a bit. I did also bridle when i saw the other casualties that noone mentioned!
should be march 1939 (identified as spectator by the hand in the cuttings book.. who i guess could be wrong, but not likely)
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Thanks for pointing out the t/burning Freudian error, now corrected (apart from that, I feel the typos were fairly minorm given the conditions in which the blog was written). ADennis.. all three of your attempts came through, so dont pay too much attention to 'rejected by modertaor'. It's a computer glitch I think. M Bulley, I guess the Spectator for 1939 may be on line somewhere, but I read it in a cuttings book.
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2016 on Antigone in 1939 at A Don’s Life
Sometimes (as Malcolm McLean suggests below) this is a result of the commitment to impartiality. They would get into trouble if they assembled three historians who were all (say) pro-Brexit or anti-Serb. So they are sometimes looking for someone who will take a particular line. That commitment to impartiality can, in my view, sometimes be taken too far...but there it is.
that is true olivia.. but it is a question I am often asked in 'the academy'. you are right to say that the basic principles extrapolate...
i think that you might not find ready response. but who knows? now .. if i really wanted to do that, i would go to a commissioner at bbc 4 and say hi, why dont we commission a music les documentary.
Dear ADennis. There is no human moderator but me (I dont know about the electronic bowels of the system0. Sorry for delays, I have been away with poor internetconnection and couldnt do much. On the freebie, I think (hope) there is some misunderstanding. There was a special free TLS (with some past highlights, and a few new pieces and a bit of this weeks issue) distributed at the Cheltenham Lit Festival and I thought that many blog readers/subscribers would not have seen it (indeed I thought this a democratic gesture not the reverse). Anyway I see that the piece in question is on the web
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2016 on What is a demagogue? at A Don’s Life
OK.. the quick answer to that is yes. Some smallish panes or fragments do survive, but no sign of anything large. You might almost want to put the translucent marble known as 'phengites' into this category (Plint NH 36, 46). But did you mean a whole post.. I think perhaps yes. And, if I know the answer, that's a good idea for a sporadic series. So ask away, friends
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2016 on What is a demagogue? at A Don’s Life
Can I just say that this ran pretty close to the line your Lordship. But I thought it was useful to hear how the still considerable number of people who will vote for Trump might argue.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2016 on What is a demagogue? at A Don’s Life
Thanks so much. I THOUGHT it was in the Ancient Economy, but searched for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, with so success. Shd have searched for Gotland! Thanks for finding it, m
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2016 on Did the Romans get to Japan? at A Don’s Life
Here is a response to this blog from a librarian In self defence, I DID say that ' I realise that libraries do have to weed books. And the two festival books might be thought surplus to requirements, given the excellent British Library website that 'publishes' many of these festival books, including this particular pair'... but the same is not true for the valuable German book disposed of by Historic England!
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2016 on What happens to dead library books at A Don’s Life