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thanks really helpful piece.. gt youtube vid too
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Displacement activity at A Don’s Life
A shorthand Olivia.. I am quite happy though with the existence of Jesus, it's the rest..
Thanks jamie..! m
thanks david, I i hadnt checked the mirabilia...and will look at Holdenried i havent got to this part of my book yet beyond a couple of sentences in the first chapter
when this has died down, I may.. But I have seen this kind of thng far too often to be remotely optimistic. There is no sign that the author referred to anything other than the published correspondence I have
I am passing on all your problems with the new site to the mamagement. The whole of this one will NOT be lost I assure you. We are really wanting to get this right. I dont want to lose any of you, m
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2017 on The Houghton Emperors at A Don’s Life
yes, to judge from I lot I have seen, Their problem is making Roman signify Republican not imperial
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2017 on The Houghton Emperors at A Don’s Life
There is a rhetoric of warts and all realism in some of them, but that is I think different. Augustus is represented almost exactly the same his whole life
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2017 on The Houghton Emperors at A Don’s Life
I think you must be... copy and paste it into you browser? Takes me to the new site... mmmm??
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2017 on The Houghton Emperors at A Don’s Life
thanks... it is spot on! I would rather have something a bit more old fashioned paper than a blog, but.... cant complain, m
There is no suggestion of another source whatsoever, I'm afraid. I have read loads of these accounts, and I would have said that disparaging remarks on busts were common, but... when you look for them... (the trouble was I THOUGHT I had the perfect one). oh well.
Thank you!!
She is complicated. She was the wife of Charles Fox. According to the intro to the correspondence she was given a title in her own right, as was her husband.. and they both chose 'Holland'. This is where my 'titles and forms of address' runs thin! have passed the problems on.
thank you!
My over the top title is a quote from Cicero. First words of In Cat 1..
It is a nice little article for someone I think!
I have reported this .. and we wait for the fix! m
he was also accused of caesarism, hence i imagine his especoally strong reaction
the misidentification of the coffins, and by extension the coffins, sorry
thanks all.. i think that you must be right in saying the suffragist marches were crucal (in the sense that they were marches as marches, not instrumental movement). I see nothing earlier in those terms.. And thank for the conference stuff. I have some nice data on teachers conferences with demos in the fitzwilliam (of science equipment) in late 19th century.. but great other material, thanks
I'm passing this on! m
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2017 on The inauguration of the week at A Don’s Life
We will be doing exactly that (this a reply to Richard Baron), but not until all the remaining minor glitches are fixed. I think there are still unaccepatably long gaps between the comments, we are looking at something simple for the RSS feed and we need t migrate the old posts. There are also a few diffculties my end which need fixing before it is the only platform. In reply to Robert Barrett. If you click on Mary Beard at the top it takes you still to the Typepad version. If you click on the highlighted blog below, it takes you to the new version. Sorry that this is a pain... it is I suspect MORE of a pain for me!
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2017 on The inauguration of the week at A Don’s Life
hope you get used to it!
i dont think there is.. you have to register once to comment, but that's it i am told, m
i will try to find out