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Donald I. Kelly
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Without knowing in detail who is getting what,when and how it really can't be discussed outside of the court proceedings to include the original complaint that started these things to begin with. I would like to know how the award was generated and more important "based on" what monetary value. As we all know a home bought just a few years back with an appraised value of say $400-K, today has a value of about $200-K. There is no doubt that money as compensation is due all of those named but, on what money value basis? Keep in the back of your mind that Manhattan in New York was purchased from the Native Indians for "99-cents." Who else made money on the sale is more interesting in that there may have been "lobbyists" sitting around doing the dealing and screwing the native indians. As we all know when lobbysts become involved anything and everything is up for grabbs. Regards, Donald I. Kelly
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May 17, 2010