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So, if I dob myself in as an enemy of islam, do I get to keep the reward?
They are already in our communities and they are already starting this crap. British "grooming" of underage girls for prostitution, for example. "What thy right hand possesses", etc., etc., ad nauseum. islam is a curse. Everywhere islam goes, crime, murder and misery follow. What a beautiful little girl. God, I hate islam: a curse on humanity. May mohammed(bacon bits be upon him) rot in hell for eternity.
They are all backward savages, a devil-spawned death-cult worshipping all that is unholy and barbaric. Pure evil.
Here's an interesting exercise: Google "35 Tips on Marseille Warnings or Dangers - Stay Safe!". Then read the travel stories and warnings. It is especially interesting to open Google Satellite View and enter the addresses in the traveler warnings, zooming to street view and looking around. It is an excellent way to get a feel for many of the stories we read about; almost as good as being there.
This is how islam spreads everywhere it goes: make life intolerable for the kuffar at the fringes of the mohammedan slums, then when the kuffar move out, more mohammedans move in. And the process continues street by street until entire cities are overrun. And people cannot fight back, because islam is more like a very large criminal gang than a religion. If anyone resists, the mohammedans get onto their mobile phones and within minutes there will be hundreds of the vermin assaulting the infidel victim. Not to mention other avenues of attack through mohammedans now in government positions such as local councils. And there's nothing the victim can do, as our leaders are complicit in the islamization of the West and afraid for their own skins. Things are going to get a whole lot worse before things get better. The bad news is, according to Christian prophets such as Barthalomew Holzhauser and St. Francisco de Paola, that about half the Christians in Europe will be slaughtered before the fightback. The good news, according to such prophecy, is that islam and the mohammedans will then be wiped entirely from the face of the earth.
Nope, didn't work.
Ah, Leonard Cohen, music to suicide by. Sorry, but my moonbat sister loved this guy way back; therefore I know he's bad news. Ok, I'll listen to it again and try and be open-minded.
"the first black American president has done nothing to quell the anger of blacks in this country" What are they so damned angry about? That their own people sold their ancestors to arab slave traders? That hundreds of thousands of white men died in your Civil War fighting for their freedom? That they blame all their problems and shortcomings on the white devil? So far as I can see, you Americans have been bending over backwards to accommodate every little demand by your black community for the last 50 years; and what did it get you - nothing but more anger and demands for more entitlements and affirmative action. And it seems your black community uses violence in exactly the same way that islam does, to strike terror into the hearts of their perceived enemies - the white devils. What a bunch of perpetually aggrieved, entitltelement-minded asses. I hear the weather in Liberia is just wonderful at this time of year. Perhaps this fellow and others with similar ideas might like to emigrate there. Bah. You guys should have picked your own cotton ... and to hell with political correctness.
'What does “never again” mean?' Never again will evil allow the Jews to escape total destruction, given the opportunity.
Love the sign: "We the people deem YOU impeached" :) And the pitchfork :) Jon Voight for President!
"that muslim acquaintance shared with me that all people from her "country" are right-handed" Yeah, because they wipe their arses with their left hands. Never, ever shake hands with a left-handed Mohammedan.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Who Holds a Pen Like that? at Atlas Shrugs
Lurch's sister.
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2010 on Jihad Jamie's Jihad Spawn at Atlas Shrugs
"[incidentally does the last bit mean that non-Muslims are non-human creatures?]" We kafir are "najis", or unclean things. 'The following ten things are essentially najis: Urine Faeces Semen Dead body Blood Dog Pig Kafir [we infidels] Alcoholic liquors The sweat of an animal who persistently eats najasat.'
According to Islam, no infidel can marry an Islamic woman. So how can Grover Norquist be married to an apparently devout Muslim woman, unless he himself is a Muslim? What's with the beard, Grover?
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2010 on Grover Norquist Hiss at Atlas Shrugs
"You KNOW that Rupert's phone was probably smoking with calls from the Saudi prince raking him over the coals for that interview." Oh, man. I hope all of Saudi Arbia is converted into a vast, glass parking lot, several hundred feet deep. To hell with Islam. To hell with the source of Islam, Saudi Arabia. And to hell with the bloody Arabs. What goes around, comes around, Saudis. You have been responsible for spreading the filthy cult of Islam throughout the world; and that is why you are doomed before God! Islam: faces to hell, arses to heaven.
Islam's formula for success: Complain Complain, kill Send out "moderate muslims" to seek infidel concessions Complain Complain Complain, claim "victim" status Complain, kill Send out "moderate muslims" to explain how Islam is really a "religion of peace" Kill ... to emphasize previous point Complain Claim victim status Complain, kill, claim victim status etc, etc, etc. until all the world belongs to Allah
Uh, no. Bush was a disaster. If not for Bush, Obama could never have been. Bush rode into the Middle East, all guns blazing and spent untold treasure and thousands of coalition lives ... to enshrine Sharia law in the constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan, apparently believing that the magic of democracy and some capitalism would transform both countries and overwhelm backward Islam. Wrong, George; you blew it big time. Al you did was wack the hornets nests of Islam in the region and guarantee a soon to be see mighty Islamic backlash; those bints are breeding like crazy and the Imams are making sure each and every new jihadi tyke is properly indoctrinated. Thousands of new jihadis have been born to replace the few "bad guys" you destroyed. Those perceived to have collaborated with the hated infidels in Iraq and Afghanistan will soon be slaughtered when the coalition presence slackens. Your hubris was unbelievable. And all this while George was holding hands with and tongue-kissing Saudi male royalty and telling the world that Islam is a "religion of peace"; effectively misleading all the U.S.A. about the true nature of Islam. George Bush is directly responsible for the Fort Hood massacre, as he effectively misled and deceived the American people about the dangers of Mohammed's filthy cult, Islam. Go away, George, you've done enough damage.
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