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Interests: politics, law, dogs, theater, literature, graphic novels, television and film, crosswords, woodworking, history, good food, foreign cultures and languages, visual arts, science fact and fiction and trying to help save the world an inch at a time.
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By Michael Bryan Tonight we updated the DNS servers to point all our domains to the new Word Press hosted site., (until the DNS are all updated this is link for new site), and .org will all point... Continue reading
Posted Feb 27, 2014 at Blog For Arizona
By Michael Bryan Stick a fork in Arizona's ill-conceived and mean-spirited anti-gay legislation, which is making a stink throughout the national media. Arizona's de facto Governor has pronounced it dead: Chuck Coughlin has publicly announced his advice to de jure... Continue reading
Posted Feb 24, 2014 at Blog For Arizona
By Michael Bryan For the past several weeks, we here at BlogForArizona have been working quietly on a complete redesign of the blog. We are now in the process of rolling out the redesign. Over the next few days we... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2014 at Blog For Arizona
Wow, defending Hup by claiming his incredibly stupid and impolitic comment is "literally true'? It may be 'literally true' that a prostitute is merely engaging in paid interpersonal relationship surrogacy, but it doesn't mean he or she isn't having sex for money. Hup is 'literally' doing his best to siphon off as much money as possible from public instruction into the pockets of his cronies and sponsors in the private for-profit education industry. Hup has 'literally' done all he can to pander to the right-wing fundamentalist home school crowd and anti-government ranters. Only a party as irrationally devoted to undermining the very idea of government as today's GOP would tolerate a public servant publicly stating his obvious hostility to and distain for the very institutions he is supposed to be overseeing.
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By Michael Bryan Following the shut-down of The Citizen website, many great bloggers found themselves without a home. One voice that we could not let fall silent was Carolyn Classen, who has been doing a tireless job of informing the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2014 at Blog For Arizona
This is, indeed, an interesting, if not in any way dispositive, development. It may result in nothing much happening, as the court merely held that the Baker tests are not inextricable from this claim at this time; ultimately the political question doctrine may still prove fatal to this case., Or this case could open a new round of "substantive due process"-style activism around State policies enacted by initiative, which is clearly the axe you are grinding. Or this case could simply confirm the inherently Republican nature of direct majoritarian democratic policy-making. Really, it is far too soon to tell. Your conclusion that this denial of a motion to dismiss claims is the "beginning of the end of TABOR... and of Arizona's Prop 105" is hyperbolic and unfounded. Your assertion that the US constitution is on your side, however, is totally fatuous. The fact is that nobody really has much idea what the Guarantee Clause actually obligates any state to do, or to abstain from, especially as regards the power of citizens to engage in direct democracy. I'm sure that everyone wishes the US Constitution to be on their side in a argument, and certainly everyone will claim it is so; but that hardly makes it so. Your clear disfavor for what might be viewed as "citizen overreach" in restricting the actions of State legislatures may have some merits, but the US Constitution is quite moot on the topic.
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David wrote over 3000 posts in his time at this blog.
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By Michael Bryan I think I can safely speak for the entire staff and readership of BlogForArizona when I say "Thank you!" to David Safier for his last 6 years of hard work, and the fun and satisfaction we have... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2014 at Blog For Arizona