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Lander, Wyoming
A friend of mine tells the story of a philosopher who was once a guest on a TV talk show. When asked about the meaning of life the philosopher replied, "Find something bigger than yourself and commit your life to it." I guess that's where I'm at. I have found something bigger than me, thats for sure. This Blogarrative is an opportunity to follow along as I work that out and live life in the Wilderness. Enjoy!!
Interests: worship, mountaineering, hammered dulcimer, family, skiing, rock climbing, theology, emergent, the umc, everest, wyoming, cheesewheels
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Jun 26, 2014
Thanks Bob, your reflections are extremely helpful... especially, "Herein lies the basic problem. We're trying to fit Jesus into our structure, rather than altering our structure to fit Jesus and his kingdom. " I wish we, as an institutionalized denomination, could focus on shifting in this area. Like Sean, I'm interested in hearing more about Wesleyan disciple making... although I'm not sure if it's possible for our denomination to ever be 'Wesleyan' again. With institutional preservation at the top of our functional and practical lists, I think that it would be outside of our character and nature to re-tap our Wesleyan roots at an authentic level.
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Mar 15, 2010