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This is an attempt to use the strong arm of the State to support a broken and outdated business model. This legislation was purchased by vested interests to maintain those interests. It has been building for a long, long time and will not stop here; win or lose. Positions of influence are also part of the money trail but much harder to track as they are far less explicit, if equally obvious. Former Senator Chris Dodd is now the head of the MPAA and has the gall to call today's blackout "an abuse of power." SOPA has received far more attention, but it's evil twin is equally as egregious. The author and sponsor of PIPA Sen. Leahy of VT takes 50 cents for every Vermonter from the Movie/Music/TV industries in 2010. Rupert Murdoch's Twitter Tantrum of 2012 is understandable. I get angry when I pay for things and they don't get delivered, too.!/rupertmurdoch/status/158321072943542272 It is a combination of direct money and indirect. Influence within and outside of "the Belt." It really is time for corruption in government to be treated as treasonous.
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Jan 18, 2012