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Jim Mcintosh
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Five titles says "We can move up three more next week as we pass the FSU Clemson loser and folks start to view these 1 loss teams with a more title-oriented eye." Whew!!! Pretty bold comment there! I mean really - big claim to UM's ranking here is the win over the gators. The gators are barely in the top 25 and likely wont be after next week Better start looking at the combined won / loss records of UM's embarrassing. Lets see FAU 2-5, Savannah 1-6, South FLa 2-4, Georgia T 3-3 and just got whipped by BYU and Gators who r the team that got u in the poll and there all but out of it. In contrast look at the records of the team FSU have beat combined it like 19-4........I dont have a clue how U of M is in top 10.
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Oct 13, 2013