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"Continual staff rollovers, and a work force that has nothing worthwhile to strive for means lazy, dissatisfied workers." And why are the staff in those minimum wage jobs rolling over? Because the people in those jobs who deserve and can get better-paying jobs do so, and they leave those jobs to work for those employers you mentioned who place a higher value on their higher-quality work. What on earth do you mean "nothing worthwhile to strive for"? They have a not-crappy job at not-minimum wage to strive for. So they can strive, do a good job, and get a better one. Or not. The training wage covers your first 500 hours of work, when you have no experience at any job, ever. Many employers don't even use it. Work 500 hours total, and *any* job, then you get the minimum -- no families are being supported on the training wage. Don't like the minimum? Then do what you need to do -- better education, better training, or better job performance -- to get one that pays more than the minimum. If you can't or won't do that, others will. There are lazy workers. Nobody else made them lazy, Gordon Campbell didn't make them lazy, they chose to be lazy all on their own. There are dissatisfied workers. They can either keep doing the thing that doesn't satisfy them, or than figure out what they need to do in order to do something else, and do it. Is that sometimes harder than it should be? Sure. But whining "I deserve better, it's not fair, I want more money but not actually do anything to get it" isn't helping. Two way street. You say you won't give the employer more than the minimum unless they pay you more than the minimum? Fine. Your employer has no reason to offer you more unless you demonstrate that you have more to offer. If one employer won't, others will, and you should find one to work for. If one worker won't, others will, and they'll get promoted ahead of you. Yes, the minimum wage in BC is far too low, but that doesn't promote worker laziness, it's additional incentive to get off your ass and make yourself worth a job that pays more.
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Feb 2, 2011