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"Some NFL people..." may have the sense that starting rookie QBs is a recipe for disaster, but their logic is as weak as it gets. Could it be that the QBs mentioned were never going to be successful? How would we know, unless we waited until their second year to start them? Even then, you have problems. What if they succeed in year 2? How do we know they wouldn't have in year 1? We don't. And if they fail in year 2, we still don't know that they would have in year 1, but in this case it's clear that it's NOT because they started as a rookie. The counter examples of QBs who started as rookies (Marino, anyone?) and were successful in their careers makes it clear that this "sense of some NFL people" is nonsense. This is a classic case of which came first (the chicken or the egg), that cannot be answered with the data we have, which makes it a meaningless discussion.
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