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"If the jet was such a terrific example of military warfare, it would still be in use today and wouldn't be relegated to being perched like a stuffed bird." That is the most retarded thing I've read. By that logic we should destroy anything historical, like the Taliban does. At first I wondered why someone would commit mindless vandalism like this, but then I read your comment and now I understand. Just plain selfish stupidity.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2012 on Vandalizing a piece of history at Crime Scene KC
The only reason a gun range would have reasons to try and prevent suicide at the range are: 1) obviously bad for business, any business. 2) the suicidee is likely bad at handling weapons, and could kill someone else by accident. The only solution would be to either stop renting weapons, or raise the cost of rentals and have an employee there with the shooter at all times.
I live in AZ. La Raza and a number of other groups, many funded by the Mexican Government, are doing everything they can to get this thrown out, and I suspect they will because of the gutless political climate in this country. Try being an illegal in Mexico and see what happens to you. BTW, illegals already don't cooperate with police in regards to other crimes, so this won't change that aspect a bit. And they already flee police and cause long drawn-out police chases and shootouts, so I suspect that won't change too much either.
Some guy stole the book from the state archives decades ago. Most documents relating to the Earps, etc., were stolen from archives all across the country. Only this dummy has been brazen enough to sell it publicly. A lot of the stuff is either in attics somewhere or ends up in the hands of collectors overseas.
Nothing like being scr$#ed by politicians.
And guns are so easily available in AZ ... heck, this was in Mesa - all he had to do was like some other joker and jump off the overpass onto US 60 during rush hour.