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valentine's first red flag failure was not giving him the captains patch
the fat lady can not find a lower note- save your free time for learning to speak sanskrit
dodgers get a couple of locker room cancers making 1/4 billion and sox get 4 untouchable/top prospects.. ingenious never fails. cheers
v-tek isn't a "joe girardi" type personality, but players would play harder for him vs. bobby v. as well the owners need to eat some salary to rid the cancer before it spills into next yr.
lets face the totality of this melt-down has been ongoing since last sept. besides switching managers, the only major move was trading youk. Happy 100th!
this team sux and things could get embarrassing
sox management is looking a lot like the evil empire they once criticized
Word on the street from Ken Rosenthal "BoSox gauging trade interest in Carl Crawford"
i'll be one p/o asshole if they drop 2/3
trade him. ellsbury's burnt out on the sox system. my sources say he'd rather play for the yankees next year, either way there's too much outfield talent.. package a trade w/youk $$ too for a young stud: ala becket-lowell
wud be nioce if youk got hawt for the series and starts a bidding war between visting scouts
no mention of the trade proposal for youk and gerardo parra? seems like the market for youk has little to no value..
thankfully the disabled list is stacked with soon to be healthy players. but also to give some credit for bobby keeping up a fight, someday he would like a full deck to play with. even that may not be enough to play catch-up.. 2pm should be circus act for pink hats
double down that pile of cash. it wouldn't be surprising if jenx goes for future earnings too. the initial botched back surgery could cost them..
pls trade this miserable sob. his antics are embarrassing and a trade would loosen things up. what would they want in return.. is billy bean still interested?
yeah that's a good assessment. dice k got on top of hitters and seemed to have control. booby prolly should have yanked him earlier, but things turned out ok. bard should challenge the closer role and make it his.
Josh Beckett song
youk could use an extended honeymoon
an all time bottom low for pink hats
papi can focus when he wants to, but can he keep his energy up..
no pun intended, but a weekly report on the minors w/suffice
thankfully the circus left town
why anyone was expecting anything but pathetic incompetence is just as dumb
no need to embellish personal story's into mythological proportions, then to promote fb is beyond amateur hour. moral is stop being an attn whore
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