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your right the first show of the season was draggy.i found naked pics of chris meloni in the shower if anyone',s interested inbox me at facebook with your email address and i'll send them to ya!! Eric french kissing his sister was creepy tho'.Marcus was hott in sick kind of way and then he's gone.aww..STEVE AS A RELIGIUOS VAMP WAS FUN WE NEED A LIL HUMOR.YAY FOR SCOTT FOLEY JOINING THE SHOW,NEVER ENOUGH HOT MEN FOR ME. LOL TARA DESTOYING SOOKI'S HOUSE WAS DISTURBING ,CAN'T Sookie ever have a clean and normal home? and when Tara stood on her sink?? wow! wonder how many times they practiced that, or maybe staged it,we didn't exactly see her get up thier
who's complaining about todd being shirtless?? not me!! i didn't see B&B this week yet i save several soaps to watch on the weekend,but anyway they should keep Deacon on, he's hot and she does need a father,Bill should be found out about and slapped or beatup then we wouldn't have Deacon ,oh well, it's not a perfect world if it was oltl and amc would still be on!!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on The Sniffly & the Damn Fine Soap at Serial Drama
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Jun 20, 2012