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Wil, I just wanted to relate a couple of things. First, I always thought youtube was great for funny cat videos, but we'd never actually watch "real" full length television shows on youtube. Our Panasonic TV has youtube built in, and so now the entire family gathers around the TV to watch Tabletop. FWIW, Tabletop proved me wrong. Production value are excellent, and everyone here looks forward to the next episode. Second, I was just looking at Castle Panic on Amazon and five the top seven "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" are games that have been on Tabletop. (One is an expansion to Castle Panic, so of course it's listed.) That seems to me to be a huge indicator of the impact of Tabletop. Well done sir.
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My head nearly exploded when I saw the velvet Wesley on the wall. Then again, this morning when I was thinking: where is the next logical place to go from here? How do you top Wil Wheaton appearing as himself for the fourth time on BBT? (Stream of consciousness follows) Evil Wil Wheaton -> Good Wil Wheaton -> Velvet Wesley Crusher painting -> Painting -> Highland Sextasy -> Felicia Day! Of course, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day need to appear as themselves in the same episode of BBT! (Stream of consciousness continues) Felicia Day -> The Guild -> Penny -> Struggling actress. It's so obvious, there is the plot! Penny lands a part in a little web series called The Guild; hijinks ensue (guys try to meet Felicia Day, get parts as extras, etc). Meta bonus: BBT actors appear playing parts in the next season of The Guild. Please please you must pitch this idea to Felicia Day and the BBT writers!
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Extend your music cutoff to June 1988 so you can include Information Society's STTOS-sample laden debut and I'm there. As a side point, all of the grocery stores that we shop at play 80's music. I just find that so friggin' cool.
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Bee mystery solved: they are just going back to their home planet because they know the Daleks are coming. So it's ok.
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I agree with Grondzilla about The Hobbit being one of the best children's stories, but it's also just one of the best stories (or part of one of the best stories ever, depending on how you look at it). The Hobbit as a book is a story that's been "filtered" (for lack of a better word) for children as well as "filtered" through Bilbo's perceptions (being, as the premise is, based on his memoirs). I just picked up a copy of Unfinished Tales and damned if I didn't hear Ian McKellan's voice when I read The Quest of Erebor. It puts a wonderfully different spin on the opening of The Hobbit: how fatuous the dwarves thought Bilbo, how angry Thorin was with Gandalf, how Gandalf rationalized taking a hobbit with them before the quest even began, the dwarves getting the idea that Bilbo was a "professional thief", etc. It provides a lot of the details on the back story that will no doubt be brought into the movie adaption. When you read the earlier version that includes the dialog between Gandalf and the dwarves you realize that in the context of the War of the Ring what Gandalf was doing was intentionally orchestrating a simultaneous strike at both Dol Guldur and Smaug. For the movie to basically follow the book and not really explain where Gandalf went off to and what he was doing just wouldn't seem right from a cinematic story-telling perspective. It works in the book because the book is focused on Bilbo/based on his account and adds to the mystery surrounding Gandalf. Bringing in any of this back story at all instantly broadens the scope of the whole movie and practically requires including the White Council and the attack on Dol Guldur. I think it would work very well.
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