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Megan Caylor
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I guess I'm not up to date on this. I didn't realize this was happening at all. I don't trust myself to buy any game unless I look at reviews for it simply because there are so many bad games still floating around and so many games that look like they would be good and are complete misses. I always at least go to IGN, and also because I am a Nintendo girl I read my Nintendo Power. I also do look at the Metacritic and often times I will go read one of the bad scores to see what was considered 'bad'. I definitely don't have a community of friends online or otherwise that will tell me how good or bad a game is (I have few gaming friends) so I feel like this is my only way. Also, I always always read the reviews, watch the review videos, and form an opinion based on what I see and what I know I like. So bad reviews don't necessarily mean I won't get something, and good reviews don't mean I will. It's just that I need someone to tell me that "the camera controls are completely useless and frustrating" or "the Wii is too sensitive and you'll spend an hour drawing not-perfect circles before you get it to accept them" (oh, Okami).
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Mar 31, 2011