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I find this topic very interesting. I am currently student teaching at a school where there are all kinds of activities and learning beyond "reading, writing, and discussion." I agree with you that things can seem to get away from essentials very quickly in that environment. Instructional time can be hard to preserve when there is a constant buzz of science fair projects, programs, and field trips. I do think though that some of those extras are important. They give students (especially those in special education) an opportunity to gain confidence and experience that they bring with them to their "reading, writing, and discussion." I do agree entirely though, that the basics should never be swept aside for the sake of a pinterest perfect diorama, just for the diorama's sake.
I really appreciate your thoughts on this subject. I think the idea of always having the end (of any intervention) in mind when you put them in place. This affords our students so much more room to grow and progress. It also shows our respect for their future and hope in their ability to progress. It also seems to me that this requires some awareness on the part of those implementing the accommodation/plan/intervention of the future requirements that will be placed upon students. While student teaching, I have learned a lot from other educators as they think of their students in terms of what they will need to do not just today or in a month, but in two or ten years.
Hi Rob, I really enjoyed reading your post! I am currently student teaching in an elementary school and we have been using authentic writing with the students. It is really exciting to me to see how effective this has been at keeping students engaged. The students always seem happy and excited to come in and work on their writing. I'm interested to see how this practice effects student success on standardized testing and in other subjects where writing is required. Have you seen anything along these lines? Thanks!
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Jan 10, 2015