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Worths pointing out that not all Core i7 branded processors have triple channel memory controllers. i7-9xx processors support 1066MHz triple channel DDR3 memory whereas i7-8xx processors have dual channel 1333MHz DDR3 memory controllers.
> All subsequent runs of that same query use the cached query plan and skip the query evaluation. Not so in Linq to SQL. As Rico said, every single run of the Linq query is fully parsed every time it happens. You are confusing the query plan caching done by SQL Server with translating expression trees to SQL statements done in the client. The former is done for most LINQ to SQL queries too, as they translate to identical SQL statements and only the value of the parameters change. That means SQL Server will simply reuse the cached query plan for almost all LINQ to SQL queries. The latter has to be done for all uncompiled LINQ to SQL queries. Of course, this does not apply to raw SQL statements in the first place (they are already raw SQL). Considering you're talking about execution plan caching done by the database server for LINQ to SQL generated queries, those sentences are misleading and arguably wrong.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on Compiled or Bust? at Coding Horror
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Mar 19, 2010