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Wil, I just wanted to thank you for giving me a signal boost. I went over $4,000 in my Kickstarter, and the last donor was a guy who found me via you. ^_^
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My own choice for print was CreateSpace. Their cost-per-unit is much lower and I can charge $14.95 on a 420-page novel and still get some $$ out of it for myself. I've had excellent--beyond excellent--customer service experiences there, including one time I complained with no hashtag or anything on twitter and they tracked me down to fix it. Ebooks: Upload direct to B&N and Amazon, Smashwords for everywhere else. Format differently for B&N and Amazon than for Smashwords. Be sure to have extra hair on hand because you *will* pull your hair out formatting for Smashwords. It's ridiculously strict. If you're not good with twiddly stuff, farm this out. It's not too expensive and your hair will thank you. (I do my own, but I'm good with twiddly stuff.) I also sell my own books direct to readers in four different formats. DO NOT DRM YOUR BOOKS. You can't stop pirates; don't punish your readers. Production: Hire an editor. I have a content/development editor, Annetta Ribken, who I passionately adore. I have a distributed proofreading team of beta readers and people who've bought the rights to read my books as soon as I've finished them--within 24 hours after I write "THE END NO SERIOUSLY MEI STOP EDITING" on the bottom of the page they have the file, and within a week I have a bunch of typos to fix. :) So yeah, people pay me to copy edit my work. I love them dearly. I also have a typographer. I format my own ebooks but pay Michael to make my print books all purty. Marketing: Besides your work itself, which should be RUTHLESSLY proofread, you need a professional cover. Don't use the cover generator at the printer. Make sure it reads well at thumbnail size (critical). There are cover designers at all price points. I found my current on on deviantArt and my first one, who set the entire branding tone for my series, through colleagues. Ask around. You also need a good blurb. (I "doctor" people's blurbs on the side but won't link here--you can find me if you need me.) Solicit reviews every time you find a book blogger likely to read your book. I just got one of my best reviews last month, more than a year after the book came out. Best marketing advice ever is write write write write. Fill your virtual shelf. Don't focus on marketing "the book." Focus on writing. I hear you yelling, I CAN'T AFFORD ALL THIS!!! Post a sample and go to Kickstarter. I crowdfunded my first book on my own (to the tune of $2,500) before Kickstarter was really out there, but for book two I did it there. I'm still 11 days from the end of the fundraiser. I asked for $1,500 and at this writing I'm about $50 away from $4,000. That will pay for production/editing of the book, all the rewards, production costs for the audio book of book one, production and cartographer costs for the world map I've been trying to finish, and this time I'll even have some left over for me. Everything I've made after book one launched was mine to keep because of the graciousness of pre-sale fans, and the same will be the case when I launch book two in the next month or so. I'm happy to talk with anyone about my experiences self-publishing. Just ping me.
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Baby, you and me need to do lunch or something. I can fill you in on the indie life.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2011 on Just Jump: Part Three at Mandajuice
Dude! You're an overnight success! *ducking and running* 2010 was your breakout year, and you've worked hard for it. I was at w00tstock PDX--that was five hours of hard work for everyone, even the audience (but the most fun hard work ever)! I hope 2011 brings you back to PDX for moar Leverage and another w00tstock, though I'm not sure my heart could take another five hours of laughing that hard again...
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2010 on Happy New Year. I'm on a boat. at WWdN: In Exile
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Ha! We watched this Christmas Day. I had to explain to my girls who Patrick Swayze was.
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Dec 29, 2010