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Mike Knapp added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Oct 6, 2011
It seems most people remember ET on the 2600 just like you, Wil. You immediately recognized it as unfun. I always had a different reaction. To me, it felt like a fun game that was never really fleshed out; which based on what I hear about its development, is exactly what happened. "Gameplay" consisted of continually falling in pits and using your power to levitate out until you ran out of power and died. I think you were supposed to collect the pieces necessary to "phone home" (while avoiding the evil G-men), but I could never find more than like one or two. It would have been fun if you could have actually found all those pieces, and completed the game by racing the clock or something, but it seems like they just made it impossible. Too bad.
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Wil - you did a great job with your character. Also, your write up about the experience is among some of the best writing I've seen on your blog lately. It's clear you enjoyed the whole experience and found it inspirational. One more thing: Floyd is the kind of guy that would wack at you with a Giant Ninja sword, and not even give a shit that it is actually an Orc Barbarin sword.
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